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Lube and Pre Cum
  • One thing I have learned only as of late, was that a good lube goes a long way. I used to use a nice coat of Vaseline on my Helix and thought that was working pretty good. In my quest to better my chances of Super O's and better sessions, I read many threads over again that I had previously read, and some I never read. Many talked about using a good lube, and I knew this info already. I thought I was using a good one already. It seemed to work pretty well in the past. However, I thought I would give the KY Jelly a try that many people seem to use. What a difference. First I pre lubed the anal canal. Then I used some on the Helix itself. You can definitely feel much more things goin on back there. You can feel every knock and quiver of the Aneros. So for all those who take the lube thing lightly.....Don't. It's very important for success. However.....does anyone feel like the KY Gel/Jelly dries out to quickly. I have to keep reapplying lube every 15 minutes or so. That was why I turned to the Vaseline in the first place. Once in only gets more slippery as your body heat warms it up. But again, the Aneros doesn't stay suspended in the Vaseling like it does in the KY.
    Next question for anyone that may know. Does pre cum necessarily mean your on the right track. I've read in the threads that there is a seminal vein or nerve next to the prostate. So is pre cum just a "bonus or side effect" if you will? Sometimes I have quite a bit of pre cum, and other times not so much. Usually the times where I have a lot is when I'm seeming to be going in the right direction and the feelings are strongest. I don't know if its because of the sexual excitement, or I'm on the right track. Or am I just hitting the nerve and this means nothing. I would suppose the question I want to ask is...If I'm hitting the seminal nerve and have pre cum, is this the right set of muscles I'm suppose to be contracting? Am I in the general area. I toy with all the muscle groups and sometimes I get great response and other times not so much. But I guess if I knew that to get to point C (prostate orgasm) you have to hit point B (seminal nerve or muscles surrounding it) then I would concentrate on this. I still don't really know when I'm in fact hitting the prostate. I feel many things that feel good. But they are located in different areas. Which one do you concentrate on?
    Lots of questions I know. Sorry so long and drawn out. I know many people are having the same issues. I hope I explained myself well enough. Any bit of insight will be useful. Thanks in advance.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,410

    First, water based lubes do seem to dry out, this occurs because the rectum membrane is very water permeable and absorbs moisture readily. Lubes are an oft discussed topic here and you may wish to go back and re-read the “Bestlube..." thread for additional information and possible alternatives.

    Second, preum (aka pre-ejaculate) is a product of the bulbourethral gland (aka Cowper's gland) and is usually excreted as a result of sexual excitement. Some men have reported an increase in these emissions as a result of Aneros insertion pressing on the gland. The extent to which you have this emission is more a function of your inherent genetic makeup and not necessarily related to your Aneros use or technique. This is not an indication of your ability to experience orgasms.

    While there are numerous nerve groupings in and around the organs and muscles of the pelvis, it is the complex fibrous membrane network of nerves surrounding the prostate that is primarily responsible for the pleasurable sensations associated with orgasm. It is this set of nerves that are stimulated during Aneros prostate massager usage. A frequently cited sensation upon making contact with the prostate is a sense of needing to urinate, this is a fairly sure indication your Aneros is in contact with your prostate. This feeling may persist, fade quickly or not occur at all, but if you are feeling any pleasant tingling sensations emanating from deep within, you are probably in good contact with your prostate.

    You may also wish to take a look at Pelvis Floor Muscles in the Aneros WIKI.