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1st P wave after 1 month, 8th attempt, but is it orgasm?
  • Thanks to Fakman's guide, when i saw the post today, with not much hope, i decided to give a try and surprised that i got my P-wave after 1 month of purchase, no. 8th attempt. At last i knew what it is like. Tingling sensation, abd muscle movement involuntary, a sensation that rush up to your brain, whole body trembles, body sucks in my MGX involuntary. I wondered is this call orgasm?
  • jp8653jp8653
    Posts: 9
    certainly sounds like a p-wave but this is not an orgasm...where is Fakman's guide posted?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    It is always nice to hear declarations of real advances, breakthroughs and the various techniques employed. Of course everyone's interpretation of what constitutes an orgasm is different. If two people experience nearly identical sensations it would not be surprising for one of them to declare it an orgasm while the other says it was just intense pleasure waves. They are both right based upon their own definitions. That being said, what you described,[QUOTE=jackfood;92065]Tingling sensation, abd muscle movement involuntary, a sensation that rush up to your brain, whole body trembles,...involuntary.seems to go well beyond the Aneros WIKI definition of P-waves and while short of Super-O status, IMHO,
    is at least a mini-Omini-O A less intense non-ejaculatory orgasm, typically experienced in the early stages of developing non-ejaculatory orgasm skills. They are often focused in the pelvic area and involve a mild but distinct orgasmic contraction and sense of climax. It is far too easy to dismiss or discount these sensations while pining for some imagined explosive sensual fireworks. Those fireworks may come in time, but not every time. I think it is just as important to enjoy the 'sparklers' you have at hand. You are on your way, man, enjoy the scenery during the journey. You may wish to check out the Milestones and may be surprised with how many you have already experienced!