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Just when I thought...F.O.R. Orgasm came along
  • could not get better could it?., I believe I had a GENUINE super mega O last night, basically laying on my side, classic aneros position with a basic MGX, it somehow hit a spot (with mental encouragement also) and then seemed to be sucked in further and harder than I could have imagined, really impaling me quite hard and my anus gripped it like a demon, in between what seemed like endless pleasure waves/anal/prostate electric pulses, I had sections where my whole body seemed to be returning to the foetal position then started to shake so hard my available arm was flapping and slapping at my body in incredibly fast nervous shaking that I was totally breathless in awe and slightly, wonderfully , frightened!!. I would love to get to a stage where it also ends with a wet orgasm too (no hands) but just amazed at reaching this next revelation on my journey. I had been doing "aneros" free pure muscle contractions to achieve good prostate pulsing dry orgasms until recently for about a month, now reintroduced the MGX into the equation and basically hit the roof and beyond...I am truly now a BELIEVER, foetal orgasmic rebirthing truly what the aneros is F.O.R.!! it could catch on perhaps?..:)
  • I am getting them lying on my back, country...can't seem to get there on my side. But, it is frightfully exciting too! I am getting gobs of preucum, but the idea of a really wet cum explosion is nice cause it feels like I am having one. I guess this is part of the journey.