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Opiates up the Butt
  • Hey guys, I've seen posts about marijuana so I figure substance talk is okay.

    A couple years ago some friends and I discovered that we could grind up poppy pods and make a tea from them that made you feel good for a whole day. Well, today I just got done massaging my prostate and decided to draw up some of that tea in a syringe and putt it in my butt. I'll tell you how it goes. I've hear the colon is more innervated than the stomach so you get more of the chemical.

    Never tried it before. Tell you how it goes.

    P.S. I have trouble with premature ejaculation and was thinking maybe this would help to relax/desensitize the genitalia a little and maybe help that problem (temporarily). Obviously not a cure.

    Anyone experiment with any other substances in their butts?

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    We used to do this with kids meds, particularly meds to arrest uncontrolled vomiting.

    You don't need to get it up to the colon. The rectum is very absorptive as most guys with a glycerin sensitivity know quite well.

    There have been OD deaths from wine enemas, opiates and barbiturates. We'd like you to hang around the Forum so, take care guy.

  • Thanks Rook. I put about 1/10th the amount that we drink in my butt, with non ingested orally. I certainly don't want to check out early.

    About an hour later I took that same amount again, and another hour later the same amount again so I'm about 1/4 to 1/3 what we normally drink. I feel good. Different than drinking it but very similar.

    Well, off to go on a date with the lady... if the mood strikes I'll get to see if this helps delay anything down there.
  • Hi Guys. I'm chiming in w/ Rook. Be careful. You are correct that the rectum is richly vascular and absorptive.

    In the ER, I've seen this tea type substance used and misused. I've heard it called pod putty. It takes a very small dose to have a huge effect because of it's concentration. In a Home Health situation w/ hospice I've given rectal morphine for pain control.

    Just wanted to reiterate the word of caution.
  • tokertoker
    Posts: 128
    im not one to judge but smoking a little weed before a session is in a completely different league from squirting opiates into your ass as mentioned above dosage is a bitch to control especially with home made concoctions could you think of a more embarasing way to be admitted to hospital od with a sex toy up your ass i know in the states weed is treated just like any other illegal substance but i assure you nothing about weed is likley to cause you any harm the same cannot be said of any opiates especially home made ones be carefull
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I'm not a doctor or pharmacologist, but I'm going to join 'rook', 'nurdelady' & 'toker' in cautioning you about the use of Poppy Tea. While you may not create a strong enough infusion to cause a fatal overdose, you could be setting yourself up for some other effects. Opiates have psychoactive and analgesic effects. It is possible, if you are manually manipulating your Aneros or some other toy, to unwittingly injure yourself and not immediately understand the extent of damage due to the pain killing effects of the opiates. Because the opiate is not an anesthetic, it is likely you would feel the injury when it occurs, but the severity of pain associated with such an injury would be masked.

    Please be aware of this possibility and play safely.
  • All good input guys. I've made the tea numerous times over the last 2 years and am very accustomed to dosing. Further, I use a third what other people have as I'm not looking to get messed up, just feel nice.
    I did not do any "playing" after the tea in the butt. I massaged prior, although that was great input Rumel.