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Clearing up some misunderstanding
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    There has been some upheavel recently concerning one of plug&play's key attributes, namely the 'shitting it out' part
    Apparently some took it literally and were severely disturbed by it all.
    A little reflection would have revealed some startling discoveries, like: possible difficulty retrieving the toy, possible drainblockage, damage to the toy, to name but a few.

    This being a prostatemassage forum, I perhaps mistakenly presumed, this was a forum for males, and that males(generally) like to roughen up the language. In a similar vein to "fucking someone's brains out" I thought 'shitting it out' would be would be selfevident without pussyfooting around like you'd do when you speak to females, parents or whatever.

    Anyway for those who still live in Victorian times what I mean is: Take the Aneros out and make a bowelmovement.


    Plug&Play (p&p): This is very subjective, but there's a point during a session that you're in complete xtc and it does seem counterintuitive to want to take out then, but from what I've experienced your body at that point has 'downloaded' the muscle memory from the movement, shape etc of the Aneros, so you can still feel the Aneros moving inside you hours after you've taken it out. The best p&p results I've had up until now were with the Maximus, the (ghost)movements have been far more pronounced with that one than with i.e. the MGX.
    I've discovered that not only can I achieve the same intensity after I've shAt the Aneros out but can actually intensify the sensations. Also without something stuck up my ass I can walk around, sit etc without restriction or inconvenience. Ppl can look in when I'm at the pc(while I'm looking at erotic imagery), but can't see me spanking my monkey since my hands are firmly above the desk they can only see me flailing about in orgasmic xtc
    The problem I have with seeing this as a 'Tantric Trainingwheel' is that for p&p the Aneros is still necessary to start it off, and the implication of a trainingwheel is it after learning it wouldn't be necessary anymore. Perhaps, but not in the 2 years time that I''ve been working out.
    There's no perceivable difference between the ghostsensations and the real sensations of the Aneros. You really don't have to focus coz it already feels real, so this way your mind is free to conceptualize.

    Aneros in that regard is like a launcher of a space shuttle, once you get launched to a certain altitude it goes it alone(to even greater heights)Once it's out you have so much more possibilities and you can use your mind to really feel the sensations of stuffing yourself with all kinds of objects.
    It's like the Super O gets you into a kind of golden alignment where mind body and spirit really are one. Sure, with a little practice you can concentrate and drive the sensations of chi moving around your body. But with p&p this requires no focus whatsoever of your mind, everything you visualize feels VERY real!!!

    What some people call 'flow' is like a balancing of all parts of the concept. All parts are in perfect balance, no one part has a greater focus, they all work towards the concept and they all make sense in the whole.
    Like when I'm not in the zone yet I know I'm not when I'm focussed too much on say the music, or a certain part of my body. When I'm in the zone EVERYTHING is perfectly balanced; my thoughts, my movements, the music, and everything just fits in the moment perfectly.

    Anyways, back on topic.

    I can have a great time with the Aneros without eating hash, although it's certainly made me aware of my prostate, multiple orgasms, etc, but to date I have yet to experience a Super O without it.
    When I say hash I mean a specific kind, it's soft, sticky and doesn't break when you bend it softly.
    If you buy the dried up, hard, breakable stuff that you can only sprinkle by continually burning then you're wasting your time, money etc. This type of hash won't give you the fullbody glow beneficial for Aneros use.
    If you get offered that type of hash, kindly refuse and try elsewhere!

    It may be because of this that I can p&p, but it would be more likely that it would work for anyone achieving a Super O

    There's a lot to say on this topic, maybe some time in the future