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Another Satisfied Customer!!
  • ANEROS - I am now a BELIEVER in Aneros Prostate Massagers!! I am not someone who cums easily. I struggle with it Mightily. I'm 47yrs old, and have cum now only twice in the last year. Most often, I tire of sex before cumming, even though I have good stamina from regular walking and trips to the gym (3/week). I bought the MGX hoping the increase in stimulation might be enough to push me over the top. I enjoyed the sensations and practiced my contraction exercises for a few weeks, but still couldn't cum. I bought the Progasm because of the need for stronger sensations, and I wasn't disappointed. BTW, I have no need for a larger device than the Progasm. I have definitely reached my limit, and the Maximus might wind up being "just right". What I learned from the MGX was to insert the device and lay down for a nap. I usually awake shortly thereafter, rock Hard, and in the midst of Wonderful sensations. I probably shouldn't, but I usually sit on the bed (and on the device) rocking back and forth until my body is trembling with Pleasure. I tried this with the Progasm, inserting it SLOWLY before climbing into bed. I awoke from my nap, wandered sleepily into my home office, and sat down at my desk. The firmness of the padded chair shot Powerful pleasurable sensations up through my body, and I began rocking back and forth uncontrollably!! I was instantly in a state of furious arousal, and could not have kept quiet to save my life!! I must have looked like a man possessed with an inner demon that was fighting to come out!! I was barely able to drop my shorts in time to cum Explosively onto my desk blotter!! It was FANTASTIC, and exhausting!! I felt completely spent, but Aglow in a way I rarely experience. It's now been 24hrs, and I am tempted to try it again, but I also believe in "all things in moderation". It won't be long before I revisit this experience. Thanks, Aneros, for helping me to enjoy my body in a whole new Wonderful way!!
  • Great, mate! Enjoy the journey!