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Best Way To Cleanse Rectum Before Use?
  • While I'm waiting for my Aneros Starter kit to come in I wondered what everyone here feels is the best way to cleanse your rectum prior to use? Is using a pre-packaged enema the way to go? Looking for some insight on best practices. Thanks in advance for any and all help provided.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,419

    Welcome to the Aneros Forums,

    As I pointed out in my introductory PM to you, the Aneros WIKI is a rich information
    resource, compiled from years of Aneros users experiences and organized to make your journey an easier one. In the Getting Started chapter of the WIKI there is a section on Cleaning your rectum which will answer your questions.Please take some time to read through the WIKI, I think you will find it quite informative.
  • Thanks so much. I have a lot to learn.