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Is this the wrong way to use the MGX?
  • Hi all,

    I am a new Aneros user. 2 weeks ago I jumped right in and bought a set of Peridise, an MGX, and a Progasm. It's been fun playing with these, but not alot has happened other than some good sensations (P-waves?). I think I can feel the rewiring process going on and look forward to developing this further.

    Anyways, I have had the typical p-tab irritation when using the MGX. However, when I used the MGX last night, I found that the p-tab no longer irritated me--rather it felt damn good. Instead of lying very still in an attempt to detect any twitches (which had been my usual routine) I got on my back so that the bed pushed on the handle of the MGX and pushed the p-tab in even harder than normal. This felt really good, and I started gyrating my hips, moving the MGX around inside. This felt *very* good. After a few minutes of this I could lift my hips off the bed and feel my muscles involuntarily twitch the MGX...and that felt *great*. Then I would go back to grinding against the bed while on my back. I stopped after thinking that I could hurt myself, but I really didn't want to.

    Using the MGX like this doesn't seem to fit with what I've been reading on the board. Is it a bad idea? Will it slow the rewiring process?

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Hi abulafia,
    rubbing the handle against bedding most likely won't do any permanent damage -- probably the reason the handle was designed to be very flexible.

    For every gent, the optimal path to rewiring is different and you have to find your own way. We can help. Usually wild gyration and heavy contractions aren't a good path but they do feel good. I think that every man deserves all the joy he can get out of these tools.

    For now, get your jollies off, and figure out how you can make love to yourself with these tools, particularly the MGX and Progasm. If and when you get bored, get back here. (C'ya in 5 years : lol : )

    Good news is that a 'fade out' of "p-tab distress" is a good sign. Somewhere along the path, look for the p-tab, Aneros head and your prostate to all join/melt into a one nice 'fuzzball' of joy and pleasure.

    Rumel will probably hit you with a formal welcome and some helpful material.

    Welcome bro.
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434
    I would have thought that any physical manipulation of the Aneros - be it your hand or the bed or a chair or wherever you're sitting - is dangerous. You do not know what impact it is having inside the anus. Your sphincter won't manipulate the Aneros enough to do you any damage - that's something we can be sure of.