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About your first P-wave
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434
    As you may have read, I am going back to basics with the Aneros, and would consider P-waves as progress. Without having P-waves as goals, but having them as a measure of progression, I'd like to know a bit about those of you who consistently have them, please.
  • I would just say : If you buy it you wont regret....

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello Cyrez, :)

    Thank you so much for posting your insight in MyTurn's thread. This is a perspective and technique that I can't say I have never heard used here before. And I have to say I'm quite intrigued. As I'm very familiar with these up and down the spine chill sensations, which I interpret as movement of energy in my body. Although rarely do they feel pleasurable to me. Although they are not uncomfortable or painful either. I find it interesting that you use something of extreme beauty to trigger a chill, and I assume shortly there after, some sort of dry multiple orgasm occurs. Wow! I'm going to ponder this implication and what it all means, and see if I can apply these ideas.

    By the way, that piece of piano music from Bioshock 2 is beautiful. It reminds me a bit of Justin Bianco's work on his album Blackbird that I find utterly beautiful in it's performance, creativity, and depth of emotion. Which I suspect you might like.
    Justin Bianco: Blackbird

  • Cyrez:
    Great Post! I’ve been planning to write about some of the same ideas, but you beat me to it. You have hit on something that I have come to realize over the last few months is hugely important, that is the idea of how we perceive these P-waves, and related sensations. I now know that I have felt such sensations all my life, (although not nearly as strong as they are now) but have either ignored them, or considered them to be not much more than a signal that it was time to ejaculate, and the longer I waited the more urgent it got.

    I have now learned to perceive these signals as nearly all pleasure. The desire to go “all the way” is still there, but it’s so much easier to control now. Then, once I began to recognize these signals as pleasurable, I began to figure out how to amplify them and play with them. Some of these sensations are normally perceived in neutral or even negative ways: an ache, an annoying pressure, a tickle, etc. By putting our minds at work, we can turn these into pure pleasure. Now the slightest touch, squeeze, or tug of my genitals or even the nearby areas will set them off.
    After a while I realized I could set my prostate buzzing just by thinking about it. That, combined with a few very subtle contractions of the anal sphincter or PC muscles, now makes it feel like it is spinning like a flywheel.

    I am into the 13th month of my aneros journey, and have not yet achieved a super O, but feel as if I’m getting closer every day. I am loving the trip, to the point that I don’t really worry about reaching the super O, the other pleasures make it all worthwhile.

    The one thing I don’t understand is why I have not been able to tip this feeling over into an orgasm. I have lost count of the times that I’ve said to myself “I’m almost there, I’m right on the edge…” then the next time I realize that I’m closer than ever, and those earlier times I wasn’t that close after all. But it’s all part of the journey, and we each have our own path.

    Your comments about “triggers” and associating other sensations with good and wonderful things are right on. Something like this has happened to me a number of times now, with food, music, and physical activity. The last one was the strongest, I went on a short hike up a mountain and as soon as my thigh muscles began aching from the exertion, the feeling flowed up into my pelvis and centered on the prostate, and within a couple of minutes my whole lower body was enveloped in a near-orgasmic bliss. I actually lay down on the trail and moaned in pleasure. It’s lucky there was nobody around or they would have thought I was having a fit. I was able to keep it going for the next half hour just by thinking about it, and even now as I write this I can bring on a mild version of that feeling.
    Aching muscles may never feel the same again.

    So last night in bed I tried running my fingertips lightly across various parts of my body and triggering goose bumps, and I quickly saw the possibilities. I didn’t get any big response, but I’ll keep working on it, because I think it’s there waiting to be discovered.

    I think you’re right that those spine chill sensations are a movement of energy, and we don’t normally learn to recognize them as pleasurable. I’m working on the idea that any number of such feelings can be turned into a perception of pleasure. It seems that once the aneros awakened my prostate, it’s now easy to rev it up with all sorts of commonplace stimuli, stimuli that most of us ignore.

    Great insights.
  • In fact, I’m at the point now where I can feel my prostate just about all my waking hours; I can spin it up just by thinking about it for a few seconds.

    In the past, when I had this feeling at all, I think I mostly thought of it as something other than pleasant. When I was younger I recognized it mostly as a need to cum. It can also be interpreted as a kind of annoying, distracting cramp. But now the way I feel it is maybe 90% pleasure and 10% need to cum. I love playing with the feeling, especially when I’m lying down and very delicately working the anal sphincter and the PC muscles.

    Even better, now when I do have an ejaculation, the prostate stays sensitive, as if it’s ready to start playing again. This never used to happen. It’s kind of like having your cake and eating it too.

    Things going on that I don’t fully understand. I love my aneros.
  • Thank you everyone for your insights and experiences. My first aneros experience was about a month ago when my Helix arrived. Just having it in was such a cozy good feeling that I just about literally fell in love with that plastic object. After about two hours I couldn't resist some pelvic thrusting with contractions and my head and eyesight started to feel all fuzzy and wobbly. Then arcs of feeling, not necessarily pleasurable or unpleasurable started passing over my consciousness and I became physically warm. I was a little scared and slowed the whole thing down to get myself back to normal and then fell asleep. At present, I am experimenting with holding a contraction until my head feels fuzzy and really good. I have no idea what this might have to do with p-waves but it feels good so I do it.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello Woodsman, :)

    Great reply! It's good to hear other aspects and users experiences about this. I totally understand where you are coming from with being able to get your prostate going by just thinking about it. Unfortunately, I'm not able to successfully do this all the time. But I do know that it can work, and very well.

    I guess we all have to find what makes these chills happen for each one of us. Your hiking experience is pretty wild, and was interesting to read about. I wouldn't have guessed that to have happened from sore muscles. But then again, I never really know what causes these energy movements to happen. Sometimes I can get one to happen with no Aneros inserted by just doing a PC contraction. But it's not consistent.

    The one thing I don’t understand is why I have not been able to tip this feeling over into an orgasm. I have lost count of the times that I’ve said to myself “I’m almost there, I’m right on the edge…” then the next time I realize that I’m closer than ever, and those earlier times I wasn’t that close after all. But it’s all part of the journey, and we each have our own path.

    I can't tell you how many times I've thought the same thing!!! Thanks for airing that one! :D

  • Love_is:

    Yes, I too have those times when my prostate wants to nap and won’t respond, but fortunately they seem to be less frequent now. The little guy definitely has a mind of his own, and I don’t fully understand it (maybe it’s a female mind – that would explain a lot). The one factor that has been a sure thing for me has been avoiding ejaculating. After a week or so I can feel the pressure building.

    RE the hiking, I think there’s a distinction between “sore” muscles, and that “pleasant ache” you get in the muscles during the first few minutes into an exercise. This was definitely in the pleasant ache category. I think a lot of athletes have learned to interpret this as a good feeling. Another thing I have compared it to is the ache I sometimes get in my jaw and saliva glands when I think of a certain food or good taste. I assume these glands respond when we think of food in the same way the prostate responds when we think of sex.

    In fact, one of the other memorable times was when I was in a Spanish restaurant a few months ago and was served the best seafood stew I have ever tasted. Simultaneously my jaws began their pleasant ache, and I could feel the prostate come alive. This time the warmth from the prostate seemed to flow up into my stomach as the food went down. A unique and powerful P-wave. I left there convinced that there are links between various parts of our nervous system and bodies that we don’t even know about.

    I think it supports Cyrez’s contention that we can use all kinds of unexpected sensations as triggers, it mostly depends on the mind, and learning to recognize the link.

    And even though I have not yet managed a super O, I have also learned to sometimes get the prostate aroused to almost the exact same level with or without the aneros inserted.
  • Earthwalker:

    I think those “arcs of feeling” you talk about mean you are on the right track. It doesn’t matter so much right now that they aren’t necessarily pleasurable, the important thing is that they are there at all. For many of us, it took months before we could feel a thing. I began wondering if I even had a prostate.
    From my present perspective, I would say you have a good opportunity to mentally massage those feelings until they begin to be pleasurable. And as cyrez suggests, associate them with good things.
    You might benefit from some advice that was very helpful to me which was written by Cave of Mystery in his post:

    Keep us posted.

  • Cyrez,

    Thanks for your post. The amazing thing about this forum is that people somehow keep finding ways to articulate experiences many of us have, but in a way we could not manage ourselves.

    I have experienced p-waves as chills, and my first time wasn't very pleasurable. In fact, it was an episode of uncontrolled shivering.

    Since then, I have learned to cultivate or appreciate these chill sensations as pleasurable p-waves.

    Earlier this week, I had one of my more remarkable p-waves yet---remarkable not only for its intensity, but also for the fact it was so different from ones I'd been experiencing recently. As frustrating as it sometimes is to become really aroused to the point of p-waves, and then find oneself unable to "push through" to resolution, I keep concluding that the sheer variety and pleasure of these moments makes it worth my time and effort to plan and conduct the sessions. This week, I went to sleep with the MGX in after a session during which I was pretty highly aroused by some porn, as well as listening to iso-tones. I was experiencing "loud and clear" prostate buzzing and small, rapid, totally involuntary contractions for extended periods. Probably two hours later, I awoke in the middle of a P-Wave in which my cock was bouncing up and down, my skin was broken out in slight chills and goosebumps, and (as always) my heart was pounding away. Warmth was spreading through my pelvic region and in my partial sleep-state (which can be a key part of inducing p-waves, for me), I embraced the sensation for what it was (not as a precursor to something else), telling myself, "I love this feeling!"

    This time, the chill sensation was somewhat different--not so much shivering, but with a temperature differential between my hands and body. I ran my hands lightly along my body, and--here's the "weird" part--instead of my body feeling a sensation of cold fingertips, instead the sensation was of my hands feeling their way along a beautiful, warm body! Keep in mind, I really don't have a fantastic self-image of my body, but in that moment, I was just delighted to be running my hands over this nice warm body, and I even remarked, gee, this body hair is so light and fuzzy! (Like I was caressing someone else about whom I cared.) Eventually it did pass, and I after tucking my arms under my body for a while to warm them and my hands and also to still them, I brought my breathing and heart-rate back down and settled back into a nice sleep.

    (I know some folks don't advocate sleeping with their Aneros in, but I have had my best P-Waves "in my sleep," that's for sure.)

    Thanks again for articulating what a p-wave can be.