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I'm feeling something, but what is it
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    soon after my first aneros (a couple years ago) I developed an intrest in tantra and being able to sense the energy within your body and to control this energy. For the longest time, I could not even feel the energy let alone move it around. Over time, I began to understand and feel the energy and with the introduction of ksmo, I am finally starting to get a handle on it.
    This leads to my inquiry... recently I have been getting these jolts of energy shooting throughout my body almost like a very small orgasm.(very short - like a second) The part I don't understand is when they happen. It usually involves my wife touching me in some way, but not always sexual. the other night she went to give me a foot massage - when she hit a spot it almost lifted me off the couch. This is a good feeling, to say the least.
    I will get them sometimes just through just a hug.
    I am wondering if this is the beginning of awareness of the energy that resides within us or maybe more of a transition phase of this.
    I'm not complaining at all - I find this very pleasurable, I'm just wanting to understand what is going on
  • :pDo you have nylon carpet?

    Sorry couldn't resist:p.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    Hey thhn,
    I think you're way ahead of me on this since you get the impulse(s) unaroused and uninserted. Yup, when I'm one or two days out of a session, heavy with butt buzz and core arousal I occasionally get a small jolt from an aneroless contraction or body caress. I'm not rewired and these events are limited to a couple of days per week.

    Way back in my early mini-O days we would play a BDSM game with the Helix where I get on my stomach, pleasure my prostate, then relax as much as possible. My wife would then put my legs and arms in restraint and, out of my sight, stroke random body spots with a small knitting needle (sold as "quills" at our local leather dealer).

    Every one of those strokes sent a 'jolt' from the touch point right to my perineum. and yield large involuntaries in both the involved extremity and in the Helix (simultaneous anal and rectal contraction).

    Although no electricity was involved, the feeling was just like a strong electric shock... about like getting a shock from the 115v mains. Since this was a fully submissive role, I'd get pretty exhausted, sweaty and just on the edge of fearing where she's strike next. At that point in my journey, my breathing was pretty poor so I'd quickly tire of the game and offer submission.

    If one is going to play BDSM games, the Aneros performs well as a focus tool to maintain mindfulness.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    [QUOTE=Sky_Walker;91086]:pDo you have nylon carpet?

    Sorry couldn't resist:p.

    Did I fail to mention that my wife owns a cattle prod?