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Things getting better.
  • I have been with the aneros now for eleven months. It seems to be getting better. I have separated the idea of orgasm and ejaculation and it makes it easier. I have noticed that the aneros use, seems to enhance the sensitivity of the genitals. Erections come better and faster and the genital experience is soooo much better. Anyone find this to be so?
  • Oh, yeah!!!!

    The Aneros generated prostate orgasms are a whole different ball game from traditional penile ejaculations.

    My whole body is more sensitive. Yes, my genitals (penis, balls, perineum, ass, and the area right above my penis - pubes) are super sensitive.My nipples get hard and very sensitive. My chest, stomach, ass cheeks, and legs also are sources of wonderful feelings when touched. My wife can bring me to prostate orgasm by just petting those areas (minus the penis) - and that without my Helix inside! When we have sex, I'm harder, last longer, and cum more! AND I'm totally energized during and after prostate orgasms, not sleepy like after an ejaculation. And I find that I am ready for more play after a traditional orgasm, unlike before when all I wanted to do was sleep!

    Have you had a chance to have a LONG Aneros session? I mean, several hours long? When I was able to spend about four hours with just me and my "toy" I really made progress. I reached the Super-O zone several times. My prostate is now wide-awake and kicking!!!! I regularly have Aneros-less Super-O's. I still take time to have sessions with the Helix in. During those I continue to have experiences of growth. Recently, I have begun having feelings like some one is tickling my prostate before I reach orgasm. It's almost like a tiny dancer is dancing all over my prostate. Interesting and feels GREAT!

    Keep exploring and letting it happen as your body wants it to.