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At Last something wonderful , and was it worth it!
  • Hello all , I didn't think I'd end up writing in this forum after being a lazy browser!, but I just had to.

    Now I have to be honest I'm not exactly sure if I had the so called "Super - O" today but here's what happened .

    I have been using this infrequently for about 6 months I guess and today tried a different method just as an experiment.

    1 I used a little bit of the slik lube that I bought with my orginal (MGX nothing fancy!) on the aneros.
    2 I sat on a flat stool about the same height and in front of my soft sofa
    3 I spread my legs in a sitting position , feet on floor and gently teased the lubed aneros in for about 5 minutes until it felt as though it was fully home, a few subtle anal sphincter waves felt at the "Ribbed" part of the MGX whilst doing this
    4 I lay back so that my bottom was on the flat of the stool (firm but cushioned small square ikea footstool in brown in you must know ;) and my back and head were on the soft flat cushions of the sofa with my feet tiptoeing on the floor (I only wore a top, naked below waist.
    5 I closed my eyes and tried to go into a kind of floaty daydream, not touching my penis or anything, arms just outstretched to the sides in a kind of cross formation, as though the aneros was "in charge of me" so to speak, a little submissive but it felt good so..!
    6 I imagined the aneros inside me (the imagination is VERY important here), workign almost imperceptibly of its own according, brusing and teasing very very gently at my prostate and just "Telling myself" that this was going on even though its not always possible to drectly feel that intereaction.
    7 After some minutes I felt deliciously relaxed and at the same time tickly inside, the real (or imagined but it doesn't matter) mini waves of tickling sensation continued delightfully in my anal passage and I felt a first tiny Involuntary contraction of my anal bud to draw the tool VERY gently to the hilt inside me then let go VERY gently again.
    8 It is as if you just need the tiniest movement to start a mini chain reaction..I found then that (as my upper body started to tremor slightly) levering myself up a little on my toes produced (perhaps due to the head of the aneros meetign something at a different angle inside) the sensation in a slightly enhanced and different way, (I let out little moans at this time and my heart started beating faster.
    9 I could not believe then after a few more minutes of this delicious "suspension" feeling that my heart increased it's rate and the involuntary mini contractions of my anus started again.
    10 Heart still faster and body trembling, face slightly contorted the waves inside me were saying "the aneros is sliding down your prostate inside and you are not going to be able to tell it to stop", I liked that thought, as though I was deliciously powerless.
    11 Then, wonder of wonders a little further on and after a "Voluntary" (for a change) twitch of my anus the sensations went UP a step and I was suddenly aware of the aneros starting to move in and out slowly on its own.
    12 Not believing this I let myself go with the flow, toes scrunched and head reelign with incredulity the aneros suddenly started to pulse inside me!, as though it was masturbating my prostate on its own, self powered by thought and gut instintive sexual force
    13 It twitched suddenly quite fast indeed inside me perhaps 3 times a second and my head shook as I felt a totally unstoppable pulse of clear pre cum being forced out of my penis without a full ejaculation with the tickling anal suspensions/contractions continuing unabated..
    14 Finally it lowered to a plateua slightly below that of exctacy..
    15 The wonderful punchline.....the build up started AGAIN within a few minutes in other different subtly changed ways as though you were going down another of the infinite corridors in the palace of NIrvana...

    I hope that gives some insight to the possibilities (and I'm not sure if that is the best it can do yet?!!)..

    SUMMARY it is well worth persevering and visualising...this is SOMETHING ELSE
    Thanks for reading