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Introducing the Aneros to family!
  • I'm a professional bodyworker and while i was doing a massage recently, i began a discussion of PM and the use of the Aneros. I have offered PM to my clients for years and have no issues with doing it... but have only recently found the enjoyment of the stimulator myself.. I digress. After we had been into his massage for about 30 minutes, he asked me if I thought he'd enjoy it? I told him he may.. but he'd have to discover that himself... then as I was working my way in, he started squirming as usual.. Lets me know he's into it.... and he just said, "Wouldn't the Aneros be a great toy to share with your son?" I explained it needs to be thoroughly cleaned... and can even be used with a condom for safety and cleanliness... NO he said. " I mean having you, my son, me and even another guy get together and all enjoy the Aneros. Each guy with his own toy." Well.. besides the fact it could be quite an experience enjoying the instant gratification with your buds, rather than a text or email telling him what happened. I was intrigued to say the least... He told me he was going to buy 2 and talk to his son.. I'm no prude, so i agreed that when he/they were ready , it would be fun to get together... ok.... so i'm a little kinky... Have any of you been asked? would you join in? Have you?? would you be comfortable enough to do it with buds.?? Just seems that it could be a lot of fun. getting together and talking about how you feel while having those feelings... Just a thought...
    It hasn't happened yet. but knowing my client... i'm sure he's already planning.
  • Love_isLove_is
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    Hello steveg2611, :)

    I don't think that would work for me. But everyone is different. Each to their own. Do what feels right and comfortable for yourself.