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my first REALLY great session
  • I've been using an mgx every 3 days starting on 6-18-10, and just a while ago I had my first session that went beyond a few twitches and pleasure waves. The new feelings started within the first minute. No warm-up, no relaxation, no contractions. First my left knee started to twitch a little, then that whole leg started rocking side to side. During this, I felt p-waves far beyond what I thought possible. At this point, my only thought was "wow this is already beyond any normal orgasm I've felt in my life" The p-waves just kept expanding throughout my body, until I was humming from head to toe...WOW! After about 5 minutes of this, I looked down at my penis ( lying on my back ) and right at that moment I came so hard it blasted my face. This was quite a surprise, as I'm 37, and have'nt came like that since the 80's with normal orgasms, and nowhere near the amount I just shot out. BUT, the orgasm didn't stop then, and I had a constant drip from my penis which was so hard it felt like it was bigger than any hard-on I've ever had. Another 3 minutes passed by with this feeling never letting up, then it slowly faded away. This was certainly more than I expected from the aneros, despite what I read about them before buying it. I was certain I would be one of the people I've read about going years without deep results, and maybe that mindset helped this was an awesome surprise. This happened about 2 hours ago, and sitting here typing this, I can do a couple contractions and still feel really heavy p-waves.

    Also, I had sex 4 days ago ( no aneros involved ) and I swiftly noticed that most of what I felt was not coming from my penis, this too was a new experience to me, and I guess it's a sign that some nerves made connections that didn't previously exist. Normal sex with no aneros feels like a p-wave that stays a constant high, and a normal orgasm feels like it happens right where the aneros' p-tab touches, and waves run through my legs that feel just awesome. I haven't read about this kind of change, but I certainly welcome it. I don't last any longer than before, but I can just keep going now, instead of going I guess I should say I DO last longer. I can just go until I want to stop, which might be 3 or 4 orgasms within 30-45 minutes.

    aneros changed my sex life for the better...drastically!!