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What the hell am I doing wrong?
  • I have know of the existence of the aneros for quite some time, but I thought it was just another anal toy.
    Then I read about it, and saw a video of a guy having a Super-O with it.
    So I rushed to the sex store to buy one, and bought the MGX because I thought it would glide better than the others ones the shop had available.

    I tried using it, with no success. I read the instructions again, and still nothing.
    I took a yoga class and know how to relax my body, took many different positions, started contracting 1/4 of a full contraction, and the aneros was gliding almost 1" in and out.
    HOWEVER, I never felt anything. Except once a very little thing, barely noticeable and that's for a total of 6 minutes. I'm using it on the right side too, the other side provides absolutely no sensation.

    If I apply hard pressure on the aneros with my hand, I can massage my prostate with it, but not for long as it is tiring for the hand.

    So yeah, I came 0.1% close to an orgasm hands-free. I really want to experience the aneros... What do I lack? Practice?
  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    Dunno. I mean, yeah, time and practice is a big deal, but your lack of sensation is surprising. Maybe try laying or reclining aimed straight up? Personally, I've had much better results than lying on my side. And besides that, watching or listening to porn for erotic stimulation helped me get to the point now where I rarely need it. I focused on my mental arousal, and felt my devices become physical amplifiers of my arousals and anticipations. Hope these notions might help.

    Oh, also, but in my case, I started with the MGX too, but really started to fly when I got my Eupho a week later. It's so much lighter that it was much easier for my pelvis to get to work with it.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    First up - don't manipulate it with your hands! You could do yourself serious injury this way. These devices are designed to work using the muscles of the pelvic region only. Would strongly suggest you carefully read the instructions and tips given in the Wiki section of this website. Just click the Wiki tab at the top of this page and you will open up a wealth of information and tips to get you on your way.

    You are probably one of the many of us who take a while to get going, but give it time.
    If you apply some lubrication to the device, and perhaps also pre-lube your anus before inserting the device, that will also help.
    Above all, be patient. Let the device do the work and don't attempt to drive it yourself.

    Good luck,