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  • golmangolman
    Posts: 19
    I have been using the progasm for a while with not much success or rewards, I start my session about 10:30 pm I prepared my self and my progasm I pre-lubed my rectum with at a least 5cc of Probe lube, than I put a nice coat of k-y on my progasm and inserted in, I started relaxing for at least 15 to 20 minutes, that I start my slow first then a little strong pc and anal contractions and also my breathings, some times I was watching a nice porno, sometimes not, all I have is imagined a nice arousing erotica images or imagined about something that is very arousing to me, anyway so time goes by the most like I feel a little very small involuntary anal buzzing or contractions that's all, the position that I used is laying on my back with the help of a pillow under my upper but, I used a pillow to help keeping free my progasm, by now is 2:00 or 3:30 am with no small or a decent a little orgasm or something extraordinary at all and of course with less sleep and sort of tired, I don't mind the time if I was feeling something nice and good, but nada, wandering that is it that I doing wrong here any one using progasm can help me, do I need to take a special course of how to breath or how to make pc contractions or what do I need to learn, I try to follow and learn pretty much from this great blog ideas and advices, but sometimes I getting frustrated and desperate, I know I need to keeping trying. I heard already on this blogs a lot of good things about the maximus do I need to change. Help please!

  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    Hope you got my reply in the Ejaculation Reflex thread.