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Something new
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    I was away on my travels recently for 6 weeks.
    Another week passed after I returned before a session was possible.
    It seemed as if I was back at the start again, nothing at all.
    Dead as that parrot.
    Same result for the next couple of attempts.
    Frustration City.

    Yesterday I had an hour to spare, so try again.
    Some sensations returned.

    This morning I tried something different.
    I put on side 2 of Hypanerosession.
    That was a big help.
    After 10 minutes or so the P tab on my MGX was digging in
    and causing discomfort.
    I have always felt that the tab was agressive.

    I folded up a hankie and put it over the tab.

    What a difference!
    Almost right away there was a buzzing sensation from
    my perenium.
    A ping pong of sensations from perenium to prostate.
    Electric pleasure waves down my legs.
    P waves between brain and prostate(the Two Brothers had a good chat)

    I was lying on my back with feet on the bed.
    The sensations would build then vanish.
    I laid my legs straight and relaxed for a few minutes.
    The itch would start then I would put my feet flat on the bed
    and things started again.

    This happened about 10 times.Coming close but not quite there.

    I tried the Helix but nothing.
    Back to the MGX and off we went again.

    Erections came and went, some pre cum.

    After about 1 1/2 hours it felt as if there was nothing more in the tank so I called a halt.

    Much happier now.
    Hopefully I have found the approach needed.
    Not sure when the next session will be but I am looking forward to it.

    Have a good day gentlemen.
    It is good to be back.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Welcome back Voyager! Good to hear from you again :)

    I've also found extended absences from Aneros use to have this effect of taking a few sessions before the pleasurable sensations return. And with more Aneros practice the digging in of the aggresive MGX P-tab will be welcomed rather than painful. I remember those days when it hurt. Now I absolutely love the feeling of the P-tabs pressing into my perineum.