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Supple Nipps Super-O
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    I can't explain it but for me Supple Nipps are just amazing. They remind me of the Slightest Touch: I put them on and within a few minutes my body starts tugging me to increasing pleasure. I don't really even feel them on my nipples. But the rest of my body goes nuts. Sometimes I do have nipple centered pleasure waves and even orgasms, but that is secondary.

    The other night I combined them with BrainSync's Ecstacy brain wave music, and off I went. I was very much in super-o territory for 45 minutes, and there were points where i was concentrating on the audio and its waves just overtook me, causing me to peak along with it.

    A key thing to using the Supple Nips is using A+D ointment as the lube, not the lip balm that they recommend. Another thing is to try to get them to suck a lot of your nipple in. They do that if you get good suction and stay collapsed for a while. When they expand, in goes your nip. By the way, for more details on all things nipple, join the Nipple Orgasms Group on Yahoo

    Will they work for everybody? Doubtful. Are they worth a try ($16) absolutely. I mostly use them without the Aneros. By the way, the size I have is #2M

  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 853
    Wow! You are a lucky guy darwin!
  • VinestalVinestal
    Posts: 48
    Yup I belong to that group. I recently tried A+D with great success I used to get a lot of blistering but since using the A+D its been blister free. I don't get much pleasure from the Nipps when Im wearing them honestly they just enlarge my nipples and make them more sensitive which Ive found is key for my progress with the Aneros. I got a mini-O the other day at a red light with no aneros just by flexing my PC and lightly rubbing my nipples. My Nipples were largely dead as far as erogenous sensitivity before Supple Nipps I highly recommend them.
  • mobilesubmobilesub
    Posts: 77
    My first few encounters did not come close to what you describe however, the more I use mine, the more sensation I get in my prostate without really thinking about it. There are some dud sessions and when the pleasure starts quick, I tend to leave them on too long and there are some minor consequences for going too far.

    I'm not looking to have my nipples grow to the size of my thumbs so I don't use them often but I certainly appreciate the effect. Being an Aneros expert lends itself to absorbing pleasure from Supple Nipps and vice versa. Absolutely worth the small price they charge.