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Astounding Progress with Hypnaerosession!
  • Hello everyone, due to the excruciating boredom of the long college summer vacations, I became inspired to...try new things. Thankfully I stumbled upon the Aneros. After browsing the forums for about a week and a half, I decided to order my Helix and it arrived two Saturdays ago. Needless to say, I used it that night and the consecutive 4 days.
    Being a relatively open person, nothing really bothered me about the Aneros even though I have never experienced any anal play before so I lubed up with some JO H20 (water based) and stuck it in. I got myself aroused for half an hour prior (to swell the prostate and prime myself for sexual excitement), and while I had it in I just focussed on relaxing with no contractions for about 15 minutes. It felt interesting and different which I liked, and after 15 minutes I started holding pc contractions for a little bit, relaxing, and continuing. This went on for likely 45 minutes with slight pleasures accompanying contractions...then my insides started getting too irritated from the burning sensation so I quit for the night, eager for the next.
    Second night with the Aneros, I prepped up the same and did it for a bit over an hour. This time it was a bit more pleasurable and I got some involuntaries as well. At one point I had my legs shaking a bit and I let them do so. The session ended again due to eventual irritation (I had to relube twice due to it drying up and producing an unpleasant sharp feeling.
    Third night I went for about an hour and fifteen. This time the sensations were notably more pleasurable and had me twisting a bit from pleasure. Yet again I ended mostly because of too much relube/iritation, sharp feelings. At this point though, I was quite happy with my (in my opinion) quick progress.
    The next three (non-consecutive) sessions after that unfortunately frustrated me a bit due to the continuing irritation, relubing, sharp feelings, and decreased pleasure from the third time. Fed up with the irritation I went out and bought JO premium silicone lubricant near the end of the first week.
    A few times during this passed week I had some neutral sessions (ok, mild pleasure but not like the third day which I thought was really nice). After some consideration, I decided to get the Hypnaerosession...mostly out of curiosity (studying psychology for a few years, I have developed an interest in hypnosis recently and plan on studying it a bit) and damn and I glad I did.
    The passed three days I consecutively used the helix along with the Hypnaerosession and not only felt the relaxing entrancement, but an amplification of the subtle pleasurable sensations. It was great to have Alana guide me through relaxation, visualization, and contractions (using anal contractions primarily and to varying degrees as opposed to pc contractions). Each session was very satisfyingly pleasurable (more so than before hand, even the third day with aneros haha) with each getting better! The silicone lubricant did not have to be reapplied which was a huge plus and did not irritate my insides at all which certainly helped too. The sessions were accompanied with involuntaries from time to time, a rising pleasure pressure, and many of what I supposed I call lasting p-waves. This time the sessions ended (typically shortly after the first part...about an hour and twenty minutes) not because of irritation or pain, but rather because my muscles were too tired to continue, just starting with anal play and all.
    I felt I should share my progress with you all and express my satisfaction with both the aneros and the hypnaerosession. I forgot to mention that I never utilized nipple stimulation until this point which I also find extremely pleasurable. With this recent progress, I very much look forward to future sessions and perhaps getting a second model in about a month or so. I would also be interested in hearing your feedback and opinions of my progress!
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,786
    Congrats Allin and welcome !!
    Sorry about what sounds like sensitivity to Glycerin in lubricant.
    Have a great summer and continue to post your progress.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    Welcome to the Forums,

    I am very pleased to hear you are being aided by "HypnAerosession", that IS what it was intended to do, help you get relaxed and into the optimum frame of mind. Thanks for the ringing endorsement! It sounds like you are well on your way into the rewiring of your journey,