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Probably a common question - show mercy
  • shadylxshadylx
    Posts: 12
    Not looking for a quick fix or someone to give me advice towards the Super-O, I've read enough to understand that you cannot.

    However, I do have a question pertaining to anatomy with respect to Aneros models. I own a Progasm and a MGX; I'm still new to them. It's been about a month with about 8 - 10 sessions in there. I also have some experience with stimulating prostate via finger and vibrators.

    While using my Progasm tonight, I decided to end the session early, but before I did I pulled the Progasm about half way out, and I pulled it back (pulling the k-tab towards my back). I did this as I knew I always got results doing this when I rubbed my finger at that angle. At this point it felt like there was much pressure and it felt like a traditional prostate massage. My point being, when the Aneros is fully inserted, I do not feel even remotely any pressure on my prostate. I don't know how much it matters, but I'm 5'8", 185 lbs. muscular build (recreational bodybuilder).

    I've had the same experience with the MGX.

    I would ASSUME that if theres no pressure whatsoever when the Aneros inserts itself that it is not necessarily a matter of being patient. I have been patient, and I will continue to be patient for as long as I have to, I have a whole life to live, not just an Aneros to live for. However, I do want to make sure that, for lack of a better phrase, Aneros is "compatible" with me.

    Thanks. Does anyone have any words of wisdom?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    While it is not really a common question,
    you are not the first person to describe this situation. It is possible both the MGX and Progasm tips are overshooting your prostate, your prostate may be located lower in your body cavity than the average male. You may wish to read the threads new technique and desperately seeking help... for similar situations. 'hlaser99' once posted (now expired) a link to a picture of a foam rubber spacer/doughnut he created which prevented his MGX model from penetrating as deeply as normal. He claimed this greatly improved the sensory input he was then able to receive. Perhaps you could try this method as well on your MGX. A Progasm spacer might be a little more difficult to fabricate but it is worth a try.

    Other than the spacer, you could purchase the SGX, which is the shortest of the models, or the Helix, both of which have a shorter effective reach versus the MGX. In any case you may then also have to perform some P-tab arm modifications to get the correct stimulation to your perineum.
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 400
    While I usually agree with rumel, and I do here, as well, I would offer the following addenda.

    I experienced exactly the same thing as you, shady, when I began my Aneros journey. I was just dead certain that my Progasm didn't "fit" me or that I was getting anything from it. I resorted, initially, to manipulating the Progasm to press on my prostate, which worked, in the short term, but created other problems as a result. Especially soreness, which was not a good thing. When they say "hands free" they mean it. Give it a chance, man.

    WRONG! It was not that at was my lack of practice and my exceptional desire FOR it to work that was actually blocking its effectiveness.

    I'll give you the same advice I got from rumel and others at the time. RELAX, PRACTICE and be PATIENT.

    You're only just starting your journey, shadylx, You cannot rush this process, no matter how much your (our) male ego would have it otherwise. You must take the time to rewire. It doesn't come quickly in the majority of cases.

    Progasm K and P tabs. Read that modification link in rumel's post. Personally, I strongly suggest removing the K-tab from your Progasm. Cut it off, and sand the stump smooth with a Dremel Tool or sand paper, and polish it with fine grit sand paper. Part of my problem with my Progasm was that it didn't tip far enough forward with the K tab in place. It (k-tab) poked me in the ass, too, and that was not very comfortable, either. Removing it made a HUGE difference and I started making rapid progress after that. I encourage you to do the same.

    Many of us have done this, in fact many of the guys suggest taking the tail off any Aneros...good advice in my opinion.

    So...good luck. Don't rush your fences, man. Give it some time. You'll get there. I sure did.

  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I always use the progasm in this manner when I use that model. I only insert if over the first bump and wad up a towel to hold it in place. It will usually stay put for a long time without the towel, but I was finding that it would pop out when thiings got going. this technique brings me some of the strongest feelings I get. After using this way for 20 minutes or so, I push it in all the way and it's as if I have inserted a new model. I do this as well with the mgx and eupho but with those I have to hold it in place
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Welcome. No mercy offered or needed. You've made the giant leap already and get a solid handshake. Congrats guy!!

    I'm not well enuf skilled with Progasm to offer tried and tested tips but, I'll give the MGX a stab.

    I'd hazard that you are getting firm static (non-moving) rectal wall contact adjacent to your prostate. A tight p-tab is a good indicator that the appropriate moves aren't going to happen. Right now, your sessions may not be sufficiently long for you to really loosen up so that the contact can be intermittent enough to offer a tickling sort of stimulation. I'd also guess right now you are more sensitive to small changes in pressure (as in withdrawing the tool) and not when you have steady contact.

    Night before last it took me 37 minutes before I really 'let-go' of my MGX and allowed it to "take wing" and fly. (I had my wife watching the clock for me.)

    Try just staying on your back for at least an hour. Breath and relax as much as possible. No contractions after your first couple to "distribute lube." Wait for the MGX to "drop" or "fall" onto the anterior surface of your rectum. Belly breath and see if just your breath moves the MGX ever so slightly. Then, and only then, try a contraction and see if you can gently lift the MGX back up into contact with the anterior rectal surface next to your prostate. Feel the 'tickle.' Mission accomplished, hit the shower.

    We're not looking for an orgasm here, just for you to get 'slutty loose' with the tool. Give this six sessions and post happenings.

    If the p-tab pressure is annoyingly constant for over 45 minutes, then pad it for your next session. As you muscle up in the perineum and let go (both anally and rectally) the p-tab will just be a part of the overall pleasure. The p-tab should be a gentle pivot point to stabilize the tool. It shouldn't be 'fighting' with your rectum.

    //ed Should this not prove to be the answer then it's probably time break out he heat gun and bend the p-tab and move in the opposite direction to more static pressure. //end ed

    I'd not sweat the height thing yet. at 5-8 you are in the MGX - Helix - Maximus coral. ... hth rook