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Question about Natural Jelly internal application
  • Hi fellow forumgoers! The time has come to purchase (or make) some more lubrication, and I have a little question or two.

    So, the natural jelly seems really spot-on and easy to create. Although I don't own a double-boiler I imagine I could work something out with a couple of cooking pots that would suit the purpose. I've read here, and know from experience, that oils don't mix well with the rubber in the typical lube injector.

    Does anyone know where I could find an injector that doesn't have a rubber gasket? Would such a thing even work? Barring that, do you think the anus would get well-lubed internally by thorough progressive massage, starting from the outside and working all the way within? I've done this with shea butter and it seems to work more than well enough for the task
    * (and can drive me absolutely crazy); but I don't know about the viscosity or other properties of natural jelly.

    Then again I might go for some more shea; I don't really have any complaints other than its slight messiness, hehe. Although I don't mind messiness --I consider that part of the fun. Yay!

    Thanks for reading, sirs, and stay spiritual!


    * For privacy reasons (housemates woot) I keep the shea with me, not in the refrigerator, so it stays amorphous and thus the usual ball-method doesn't apply.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,759
    None of the components are petroleum based and shouldn't harm any barrel syringe. I've been injecting shea, and a variety of vegetable and nut oils for over a year using a couple of 10ml syringe barrels (with the Leurloc adapters removed and the seams smoothed off.) The plunger gaskets are holding up fine and they cleanup with simple dish washing detergent.

    Re preparing the lube. Not sure about the beeswax but the rest of the components have a smoke point way above the temp you'll need to combine the constituent ingredients. If you can make a fair hollandaise without a double boiler you're GTG with the lube. If you have a microwave-safe meat thermometer (plastic & glass) you could nuke it in a glass dish with short zaps to sneak up on the right temp.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,435

    I concur with 'rook's comments and would like to add that a formal double boiler setup is not really necessary. I just use a glass jelly jar (to contain the ingredients) setting in an aluminum pan containing water. The idea here is to prevent the oil from getting too hot, when oils are heated beyond the boiling temperature of water some catalytic conversions begin to take place creating some different chemical compounds which is something we wish to avoid. Thus, just heating in a pan of water is a safety step to prevent undue degradation of our lube.

    Unfortunately, I'm afraid you are going to find 'Natural Jelly' about as messy as plain shea butter to use. The really good part of creating your own 'Natural Jelly' lube is the ability to make it just the viscosity you like by adjusting the proportion of beeswax in the formula. You can make it thin enough to be an injectable or thick enough (thicker than petroleum jelly) to act like a paste. It will just take a little experimenting on your part to get it just the way you like it. As far as others (your roommates) are concerned just tell them it is a natural formula emollient for skin protection and moisturizer, it works very nicely on chapped lips and dry skin.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,759
    The "standard" lube shooter didn't seem to be doing the job when I made the move to thicker lubes. It also seemed like I was wasting lube.

    Took a hard look at a syringe used to refuel ink-jet cartridges and got an idea which has worked well for me.

    Shopped eBay and bought a bunch of BD LUER-LOK 10ml syringes #309604 for just a few bucks.

    1. toss the blut needle or canula.
    2. Cut off the luer-lok adapter, leaving the curved nose of the syringe with a round hole about 6mm in diameter.
    3. Polish the nose and the rim around the nose to make it very s-m-ooooo-th !

    Put your lube in a small shot glass, suck in a few ml. of lube and have at it. This even works well for slightly softened Shea Butter. Shot glass then makes a good parking place for an extra tool if you plan for a swap.

    Biggest mistake -- I bought 10 of these for about seven bucks and have only used two in about a year.

    Oh yeah, I just cornered the U.S. market on shot glasses. <:)
  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    One cooking pot on top of another will work as a double boiler. When I'm out on the road or camping I do that all the time. Even if the seal isn't perfect there is enough steam rising up to accomodate.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I have made several batches just putting the jars into a pan of water on the stove
    I used to use the injectors I bought on this site but over time I had trouble getting the rubber head to the plunger lined up in the barrel. mine seemed to fit so tight, that it was frustrating to get it to work. I bought a set of four off and am much happier with those