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FIRST TIME TODAY - looking for input
  • scottfreescottfree
    Posts: 1
    hey everyone
    so ive been checking out the aneros for a long time. totally turned on by just the thought of it. i love getting rimmed and having my butthole diddled, so i was like what the hell. went to the local romance shop and the only model they had was the progasm. i laughed out loud, right on the package it says "have courage" haha

    anyways, it's been sitting in my drawer for a few weeks and today i had some time to burn so i said what the hell.

    im using a silicon lube, didnt have any discomfort getting it in (actually it kinda turned me on) no discomfort with it in.

    i chilled out, did some of the breathing excersizes recommended in the wiki, baseline contraction, 30 or so little ones, then i just started trying different stuff out.

    eventually i got to a position where i was layin on my side, knees together, not by my chest. I felt something really good and so i started doing contractions. felt great, but subtle. i wanted to grab my cock and go to town but i didnt. after about five minutes or so i just started humpin the air and contracting at the pinacle of the thrust. felt so good, i wanted to just do it all day but i only had another ten minutes to play.

    just wondering if im on the right track or if anybody has any good tips on a routine to try and get into.
  • VinestalVinestal
    Posts: 48
    Read the faq and check out the Wiki both are linked on this website, top of the page and probably also stuck at the top of the forums, also the Chery picks post is a great one. Romel usually sends noobies a private message with alot of great info and links.