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One Week with Aneros, Progress Report
  • Hi All,

    I just got my Aneros last week and wanted to share my experience so far to see how it relates to some of yours.

    First use, used lots of the lube from the starter kit and after a while was able to feel some mild contractions in my anus. I kept it in for about an hour when I found I was no longer able to reproduce the sensation

    Next, 2 days later right after waking up. This time I got the same contractions, a little more intense, and also a couple of times a nice pulsating feeling from the prostate. The second time this happened there was some involuntary anal contraction and I got very brief and mild twitching in my arms and legs. By the way, all of the good results I've gotten have been with me facing to the right and my right leg pulled up to the belly.

    Third try, earlier tonight. Best so far, anal contractions and a hot feeling inside the rectum. The first two sessions I was trying too hard to contract my muscles instead of letting the aneros do the work. This time I let the device start to work on its own and found that a very slight contraction on my part could stimulate the prostate to a degree I hadn't been able to achieve before. I think this may have to do with the fact that I was concentrating too much on clenching the muscles and not enough on the sensation it was producing. This time, I could feel the tip of the Aneros reach up inside me and I think that it was hitting the 'male g-spot' that I've read about on the forum. This produced an intense heat sensation focused on that spot, and waves of pleasure throughout the pelvic area. At this point I felt like I was on the cusp of some amazing sensations(Super-O, maybe?), but lost the momentum before I could take it to the next level. I was able to reproduce that experience once more before I lost my concentration and ended the session.

    My question for the forum is, does it sound to you like I am on the path to achieving a Super-O? And if so, what were you able to do to break through once you got to this point? Thanks for your help, many of the existing posts were very helpful to me in getting as far as I have already.