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Looking For The Right Technique For The Super-O
  • Jason MJason M
    Posts: 24
    Ive Had Aneros For a while now more than 4 months or so ive been searching for personal experience tips that always guarantees great pleasure enough to make you moan or super -o if anyone has tips they would like to share please do with great detail i think this thread will help alot of people i know im not the only one that wants to know this i have an aneros progasm by the way
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    Jason M,

    I am afraid you are going to be quite disappointed with this answer, there is good news and there is bad news. I have been a reader and contributor to this Forum for more than three years and have read every thread in the General Discussion Forum during this period. The bad news - I have yet to read of any technique "...that always guarantees great pleasure...". If there were such a technique, I think it surely wouild have been written about and thoroughly discussed herein.

    The fact there has not been any such thread points out the Super-O is a hightly individualized experience with each man having to learn the unique nuances of practice for himself to reach that orgasmic plateau.

    This Forum is filled with posts from individuals who have shared their particular techniques (both successful and unsuccessful) but it is generally acknowledged not all techniques will work for all men. While there are some commonalities in most successful approaches (building arousal, breathing, relaxation, focus, non-expectations,etc.), the exact technique each man may employ is as unique as the individual himself.

    The journey toward the Super-O is an individual one, only you can assemble all the varied bits of information to compose the map outlining your particular path for the journey. All the other posters may explain the journey and its milestones from their point of view but, ultimately, only you can ascertain the unique steps you must take on your path.

    The good news - The process of 'rewiring' will teach you much about yourself, the attainment of a Super-O may be your goal but the enrichment of your life will be your real reward, regardless of the goal.
  • petardpetard
    Posts: 27
    I agree with rumel that each person's path is unique, but I've been thinking lately that a thread that serves as a repository of quick tips and techniques might be useful, not necessarily to guarantee a super-o but at least to point users in the right direction (or a different direction when they've hit an impasse).

    Example: Get to know your prostate better before using Aneros or other penetrative techniques. Try stimulating it using just your PC and sphincter muscles, try the male deer exercise, or stimulate it with the root of your penis by gently rocking your erection back and forth laterally (like a joystick) during conventional masturbation. These techniques might aid the rewiring process.

    Example 2: Get a cock ring, the kind that goes around the base of your dick and balls. Despite the name, it seems to desensitize the penis while drawing more inward attention to the prostate and perineum. They are cheap and can be purchased at major online retailers. Again, the point is to get to know your body better and rewire without investing a lot of time and energy (or lubricant).
  • Jason MJason M
    Posts: 24
    Yea Your Right thanks for the reply makes more sense now i almost came close 1 day i guess ill get in tune with my body thnks man