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Less is much, MUCH more
  • d69dd69d
    Posts: 3
    After 4 months with my Helix, I knew from the past couple of sessions that I was getting closer to Aneros Nirvana (or would that be Anerovana?), but a two-hour session this past Monday afternoon COMPLETELY blew me away, thanks in large part to CaveofMystery's post Quick and Dirty Guide to the Super O. Newbies and frustrated long-timers, go there NOW and read!

    So beyond reading the article, what did the magic for me?
    • Relaxation - I told myself that I was in no hurry
    • Taking it slow - it's all about the finesse. Strong, repeated contractions (aka 'trying too hard') got me nowhere
    • My Couch - OK, maybe a little TMI, but I have a leather couch in the basement that if I lay face down, I can let my wang hang between the cushions without a lot of touching. The couch is also not that long, so my back kind of arches as I lean up against one of the arms, and, holy shit, did this position do wonders.
    • Changing Positions - After 20-30 minutes face-down, I would roll to my back with knees bent for a quick change of pace before I returned to my face down bliss

    After two hours, I had to force myself to stop - just amazing sensations over and over and over and over...
  • kerialakeriala
    Posts: 1
    I must concur with reading COM's post. I've had my Helix a couple months and always enjoyed my sessions, but never quite was able to fully accomplish the goal of Anerovana (I like that term...very cool.) After reading the guide last week, my last couple sessions were much better. I still haven't reached complete Super-O, but I did get the quivering and shaking for about 15 seconds but could not reproduce it again in the same session. I'm not worrired though, I think the re-wiring is proceeding well. For sure I'm getting positive Pwaves and maybe some mini's.

    What really prompted me to add to this thread was something that happened just an hour or so ago. I was laying on the couch watching TV and decided to use the time to practice some kegal and pubic exercises without the Aneros. I did some very soft, light contractions of my anal and ball muscles and was rewarded with an almost immediate cock hardening and some very good feelings in my abdomen. My usual Aneros sessions on are my back but for these exercises I was on my side. I decided to continue and see what might happen so I made a real effort to relax and control my breathing. I started to feel some faint "rolling" for lack of a better term from within my abdomen and concentrated on contracting the muscles I thought were controlling that. The feelings kept growing and to my surprise one of my arms started to shake almost uncontrollably, followed soon by the other arm. I got some quivering in my legs and a couple spontaineous (apologies for spelling) hip thrusts before everything subsided.

    I guess my point is for those who have not seen success yet....practice practice practice and relax relax relax. Once it hits you, you'll wonder how you ever was able to live without those great feelings. I'm so relaxed not I can hardly type. I nominate the inventor of the Aneros for Time Magazine Man of the Year!!
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 814
    AWESOME!!! Glad you finally got there!! :)