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I just did it!
  • gwaggwag
    Posts: 1
    Oh yes, I know what it is. Bought it on Thursday. Tried it out, expectations were too high. Tried it again Fri night when I had a chance, still not enough time and not relaxed enough. Tonight, Saturday, I had about an hour where I left in in and just watched a movie, actually fast-forwarding until the points where I could see the sex and delicious titties.

    Still that wasn't enough. I'm a straight male, married, with a child, and my wife works on weekends. That usually gives me my time to masturbate and enjoy the internet for what it is worth. I had read about prostate orgasm a while back, and then I stumbled into the right store and the right time, and found myself face to face with the progasm. Despite being straight, I'm not against exploring my anus with my finger and have fantasized about anal sex all my life, both giving and receiving it. That's why I went for the one that said *have courage*. Probably should have gone for a smaller one, buy after tonight I'm glad I bought what I bought.

    After the movie, I decided to watch some porn on line. Amazingly, I did not get a hard on. Even after about 30 minutes. The thing is, I had to stimulate myself by hand. I was moving the aneros back and forth with my right hand, left leg streched out, right leg up to my stomach. After a while I began to feel something, then I knew I was going to get where I wanted to get. It was amazing, I forgot about the porn and just began to focus on what I was feeling, it didn't hurt to have two lesbians ass fucking themselves in front of me on the computer screen, but I was feeling so amazing that it didn't even really matter. My eyes were closed and I was thinking about how I was feeling

    I masturbated last night, so I didn't have the massive outflow that I have heard about, but still I had about a teaspoon full of ejaculation, and damn, the contractions that sent it up were just amazing. Oh man, it felt so freaking good. I would be trying to do it again, except for that when I pulled it out, I saw blood and shit.

    Nevertheless, I feel satisfied and I'm not in pain in any way at all. I want to learn how to do this without stimulating the aneros by hand. I'll give myself a week to rest, accumulate sperm, and heal, and then try fucking my sweet ass, oops, I mean milking my sweet prostate gland next weekend.

    All in all, I feel relived that I found out and experienced what the marketing was all about. If I can do it, so can you. And it feels really good.
  • momomomo
    Posts: 23
    Um, you are not suppose to use manual stimulation cuz it harmful to the prostate, bladder and surrounding tissue. that's probably why you are seeing blood.
  • viequesvieques
    Posts: 2
    Thanks for sharing...I tried and still waiting for type of reaction I here about.....
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 836
    Read the wiki, the aneros is suppose to be hands free.