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inguinal hernia ? ANEROS HELP
  • plantationplantation
    Posts: 253
    Hello everyone a little information please I'm back from my doctor he told me that I had to make do with a Inguinal hernia my question is that I can continue my Aneros massages before my operation? and after the transaction is there a recovery before resuming its Aneros? would have anyone who had the same problem as me and who could help me? thank you in advance

    Inguinal hernia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaimage
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Cher ami plantation!! :D :D

    Sorry to hear you are having this problem and facing the surgery. About 30 years ago, after a traipse through fertility clinics, a doctor did the obvious and checked my testicles. I had a varicocele on the left one. Instead of a loop of small intestine visiting in your scrotum, mine was a big fat swollen tortuous redundant vein whose excess heat was killing off half my sperm production. Snip snip and two great sons were born soon after!!

    Very similar procedure to the inguinal hernia surgery. As an outpatient for day surgery, I went in and they cut my left lower abdomen laterally and eliminated the offending vein. Compare the healing scars in both your Wiki reference and mine! Very similar my friend. Very sore belly for a few days. I would only do an aneros session in those few days, if you can get to Floating Bliss without any muscle spasms!!! Don't want to tear our incision do we!!

    All the best mon ami through your surgery and recovery. My scar on the left side subtly balances the gross mess of a scar on my right belly left from an unnecessary appendectomy when I was 5! Neither interfere with my erotic exercises or feelings!! You will be fine in a week or two. Focus your background orgasmic/chi energies on healing the incision quickly! That access is the next level health benefit for men in this Aneros practice!!

    Varicocele - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    all the best health, healing, pain control and pleasure restoration to the max all

  • WoodsmanWoodsman
    Posts: 102
    Inguinal hernia is a price we pay for owning testicles. I was diagnosed with one nearly 3 years ago. The doctor at the time said if it is not causing any discomfort and does not grow larger, it is safe to wait, the danger of entrapment is small. I am still waiting and it has not changed.If yours is small you might want to consider waiting. As Artform said, I would think the biggest risk after surgery was tearing stitches due to violent muscle contractions (Unfortunately, I have not yet had the pleasure of any such contractions from my aneros use).
    Have you decided which procedure you would have - external or laparoscopic? Keep us informed. My turn is coming some day.
  • plantationplantation
    Posts: 253
    One thank you form of art for your psychological support. You me said that after my operation there is no danger to start again aneros two week later? And before my operation what is that I can use my perdisse? I do not think of being operated at once has sews holidays. What is what orgasm nipple is going to work develops the muscle of them of my hernia? Thank you for your help(assistant). Thank you also has bucheron but I have not seen my surgeon yet

  • steveg2611steveg2611
    Posts: 35
    Plantation, GET the Surgery. You'll feel so much better after its over... I had been living with one for a while.. until the residual back pain got to the point it was keeping me from doing my job.. I had the surgery in december... was walking around the next day. back to work at 2 weeks and back fully at 30 days with lots of rest. I actually went back to enjoying my toy at about 3 weeks.. I figured it was like this... I had a boner.. hhmm.. good sign.. i lay back on the bed.. took things in hand so to speak and proceeded to see how well i'd recovered. All went well.. no pain, none whatsoever... excellent... that same weekend i got out my ICE.. and had a wonderful easy going session... no issues... just pleasure.. Everyone recovers at a different pace. maybe i'm one of the lucky ones, but my recovery could be normal too... Once the urges return, sounds like your body is telling you its time.. so go for it..
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 575
    plantation, sorry to know about the hernia. I did hernia repairs when I used to do surgery before the laparoscopic days. The advice you're hearing from everyone is good. If the hernia is very small and not entrapping anything in it, you may get away with waiting a while but eventually you will want it repaired. I can't think of any way that having a hernia or getting it repaired would affect the relationship between nipple stimulation and prostate orgasms or the ultimate success at using an Aneros you might attain. I had a varicocele repaired several years ago on the left side and my urologist did his incision at the top of my scrotum rather than in the inguinal location as artform was describing and I can see no effect upon my ability to have prostate orgasms.