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Which one to get Progasm or Maxium
  • livelitelivelite
    Posts: 3
    I know this topic is an old one. But with reading the blogs, i'm ready to change. I currently have the mgx, and it seems to work. Living with others doesn't permitt time to achieve the super o or just using it on a regular basis. It stimulates the prostate but not enough to get the instant wow factor. I am trying to decide which one to get: the progasm or the maxmius. Both seem to have their advantages. Besides cost, which one should be considered. And what are the pros and cons of each. What I like about the Mgx, goes in smooth without any discomfort and contractions can happen. With other devices, the prostate was Well stimulated but the base was big and no contractions could happen. I guess my concern is that the progasm might be to big in that regard. With the tapered end of the mgx and once in, no problem. But it's not big enough. I'm leaning towards the progasm because of it is the third generation but apprenhensive of the size. Also, would like include the aneros with the wife, during lovemaking or just during foreplay.

    Any thought?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Probably depends on how athletic you get during foreplay. A major move can cause me to eject the Progasm to the mid-ridge (leaving a couple of inches hanging out.) I don't have that issue with Maximus. YMMV.

    This isn't much of an issue during a solo session. If I'm going to pack an Aneros during foreplay, I insert. Then, scrub my hands thoroughly before joining my better-half. Am gun-shy about contaminating her vagina or urethera with bacteria.