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possibly a breakthrough?
  • newbynewby
    Posts: 18
    ive been using aneros for about 8 months with no luck so i was in a middle of a session and i started to feel something in my p spot and so i concentrated my attention to that spot it kind felt like a heart beat i dont know how else to explain it so i closed my eyes and kinda zoned into the feeling and my body got tingly but if i got distracted the heart beat feeling would go away till i focused again it when i closed my eyes it felt like i was floating.. is any of this a break through?? thx
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 853
    In my experience, yes, that is a breakthrough. Sounds like you are relaxing to the point that the aneros can start to work it's magic.
    Remember, you don't make the aneros work, it does it's stuff automatically. You just have to create a mental environment (total relaxation and arousal) that it can work in.
  • dtmsmithdtmsmith
    Posts: 219
    I agree with Bishop. Go with it and let it happen.
  • buttfunbuttfun
    Posts: 60
    [QUOTE=dtmsmith;89143]I agree with Bishop. Go with it and let it happen.image

    Agreed, from what you're describing, I felt something very similar when I started making progress and it wasn't long until I really got to the good stuff.
  • tallguytallguy
    Posts: 61
    Yes, I think you are at a breakthrough. I reached this point a couple of weeks ago, and since then these sensations have gotten more frequent, longer lasting and more intense (see my post about shivering!) In recent nights, I have been feeling even "floatier" and almost dizzy, with my prostate 'buzzing' like crazy and my heart racing along. Nothing to fear, when you realize it's your prostate that is doing this! For me, the more that I relax and (corny as it sounds) mentally acknowledge that "Through my breathing, I am feeding energy to my prostate, and in return it is feeding pleasure to my body", the further that I go. I also am trying to envision my prostate (tucked away there as a little "plum" perched between the Aneros and the p-tab) as something that is being filled with energy, and is subsequently "spilling over" and flooding my body with sensation. This mental picture seems to help me. I can't wait for tonight's session. (I have been on the road all week and have had uninterrupted access to ... me!) One thing that has really helped is that I am sleeping with the Aneros inside, and occasionally I am awakened to one of these little episodes. I find sleeping with the MGX quite comfortable so long as it's well lubed. I wear a pair of shorts into bed just in case of any "leakage."

    By the way, the following days, my prostate just keeps buzzing all morning long (while poor me is trying to sit and concentrate during long business meetings), and at times if I close my eyes a bit and focus on the sensation, it almost recurs there, right on the spot. I find myself edging a bit toward the edge of my chair to put a little pressure on my p-spot. Hope this doesn't get addictive.
  • newbynewby
    Posts: 18
    thank u for all ur responses i was hopeing for good news...i thought maybe i just irritated my insides and it was throbbing like if u hit ur thumb with a hammer it feels like ur heart is beating in ur thumb but the feeling was very pleasurable so i kinda didnt think it was bad.... i havent played for a few days.. i think the last time i played i had a little "matter" in there and it was rubbing cuz it hurt for a bout 20 min after and then was sore up there for a day or two... i am very paranoid of injuring myself useing aneros.. i try to be a gentle and as clean as i can... i would just hate to explain to a nurse or dr that i had something in me bum.. ya know lol