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What I've learned in my first four sessions
  • So now I have four sessions under my belt so I am still very much a newb(with hands free aneros use, not hands on use). They have all been interesting and I feel that I have learned something from each one. My third session was the most interesting. At one point during the session while holding a light contraction I felt the aneros being pulled in further seemingly on its own. A while after this a got a bunch of in-voluntaries that led to some full body p-waves. Then a good feeling came over me and my abdomen tightened up and my legs felt like they wanted to shake. It all felt really good. It caught me completely by surprise so much so that I was kind of startled by it and remembered thinking "What the hell is this?". I lost focus and the feeling went away. Reflecting back on the session I was pretty relaxed before starting and had a good state of mind (no real expectations about the session), the two things that you read about in the forum and wiki all the that are so true. I was also enthralled pretty well by my fantasy du jour. This may sound kind of crazy but a little while after this event occurred I passed some gas which got me to thinking that maybe holding back some gas played a part in this event and that it wasn't just my ability to relax and focus on a fantasy(i imagined at some point in the future the bean diet approach would be added to the wiki, lol). I thought maybe my need to pass the gas caused my muscles to react with involuntary contraction and what not or something like that. So needless to say this planted a seed of doubt as to the authenticity of the event. To some extent I realize it's probably a totally whacked out thing to think but I am still very new to all this so I don't really have the experience behind me(no pun intended) to make a more informed formulation of what happened. That was last Tuesday.
    Session four was last night and while it wasn't as eventful as the third I still felt some stuff, some involuntaries and a couple of mild p-waves but nothing like session three. I feel that I started the fourth session with the wrong state of mind. During the the four day break between sessions some doubt lingered on my mind about what happened. I also spent more time than I had previously looking through forum posts to gather more info, so the aneros was on my mind a good bit. Going into the fourth session I had built up some doubt as to whether I would have another event similiar to the one one in my third session. I had an expectation about the session. Now I will say that I have never felt anything like that before so I guess its only normal for it to have a pretty big effect on me and be on my mind for a while.
    Its been said before many times on here that your attitude will make or break your experience with the aneros. From my limited experience I couldn't agree more. I think the most important part of my journey will be to relax, and have no expectations not only during sesssions but also in between them. If I start to over think things I will run into trouble.
    It seems for me that holding a light contraction for a bit will cause some in-voluntary anal contractions and a feeling of the aneros being pulled in more.
    I ordered some slippery stuff lube to try out. I'm currently using astroglide which works well but I figured I would try another lube.
    I find the Hypnaerosession cd to be a great help during my sessions.
    I've been using my helix which I will use for a while but I plan on using my other models(maximus, eupho, and maybe the progasm).
    I apologize for this being yet another newb post but I felt the need to do it.

  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
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    Sounds like you are getting very close wintermute!
  • Hey thanks for the encouragment! I'm definately experiencing some awesome stuff during my sessions. The tricky part for me has been maintaining the good feelings. I'll get some involuntaries going and then if I can maintain them the pleasure increases but at my point in the journey it's tricky for me to maintain the same level of pleasure. When the aneros gets pulled in more I find it hard to guage my degree of contraction which I think can cause the involuntaries to stop. It will just take some more time, which is cool with because I am having a lot of fun with this hands free thing.
    Had another session last night. This time I put the p-tab on my spot right from the start where before I wouldn't worry about that until I started to hold a contraction. When I did this I was getting some involuntaries before starting to hold a contraction. I was able to get to the point where my abdomen tightened up and I got shakey legs, a little less intense than last time though. when this happened I could really feel the aneros touching my prostate. I find it amazing that when the aneros gets pulled in more it feels like it's going in slot where in actuality it's probably not moving that much. I feel I'm getting better at letting the aneros have it's way with me. I now think what I wrote before about the gas was just crazy talk. As far as a dry o is concerned I'll get there when I get there.