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Stripping down to the bare essentials
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    My KSMO breakthru got me thinking. The Audio seminar is fairly lengthy when it could basically be reduced to a 4 sec sound(the keysound) and the sound itself is not even what it's about.What it boils down to is the motion you make with this sound. But I guess there wouldn't be much to sell if that was all you said ;)
    It's like the Aneros, once the pathways are cleared and the neural connections are made. You only have to focus on that sensation to intensify it to euphoric hights.

    I remember reading in DMT spirit molecule, how DMT in our pineal gland at death fills our body. The ppl that had experimented with it experienced a different dimension so you almost got the impression that our brains are but translators of incoming sound and light are vibrations but translated by our the brain with the software it has translates it in human perception...but the same signals are translated differently when the software is modified (DMT). Like our perception of time, who's to say it's not how things are translated by our brain? Perhaps a Nostradamus or Oracle of Delphi new this and changed their software to experience all time at the same time?

    Anyway back to the point, another time when DMT floods the brain is when deeply in meditation. The buddhists have these elaborate rituals on their road to enlightenment. Perhaps there's a quicker way to get there, how much of this is really needed(like with the ksmo audio seminar) to get the desired outcome? I wouldn't be surprised if 99% was slack/ superstition, that it all boils down to something that was accidently stumbled upon by doing these rituals.
    The same with astral projection.

    It's really amazing what possibilties we as humans have. Hopefully this new millennium is going to be the real age of enlightenment, when all the slack and superstition is cut away giving us more time to really discover our human potential

    Obviously some ppl's love of money is just going to have to stop taking centre stage.

    Some talk about the tantric wheel, this IMO is very limited, we need more than just a partial/orgasmic reference. What we need is a holistic reference where all the different parts of awareness are working together to create unlimited potential