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Lightheaded/Dizzy During Aneros Use?
  • chrono273chrono273
    Posts: 44
    I was using the aneros tonight and was listening to the hypnAerosession and I was really in the zone. Was feeling super relaxed etc etc. Then I noticed my head was starting to feel sort of weird. Almost like there was a little ball bouncing around in my head, I wasnt so dizzy that I was feeling sick or anything, it just felt weird, and as the feeling increased, my entire body started feeling weird too...kinda like I was floating or rocking back and forth quickly, I certainly didnt feel stable on my bed thats for sure. It felt awesome. But I dont think it was a super O.

    Should I be worried about this dizzyness? I stopped during this phase cause I was a little worried about it.....

  • RdrRdr
    Posts: 32
    Yeah, I have this too ocasionally. It doesn't last as long for me though!

    Can't really answer your question, but I'm curious what other people think.
  • chrono273chrono273
    Posts: 44
    Hmm, yea, it was certainly weird. Maybe I'm just paranoid.