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The day after....
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    Then what? You get your thc-induced Super O then another Anerosless Super O after you've shitted the Progasm out, seduce your cunt to go to bed and fuck it and yourself senseless, wake up the next day euphoric but now what? Does the party come to an end ? No FF-ing way!

    Time for the KSMO! If the Anerosless Super O gave an orgasm that even to a superlative was a superlative, then the KSMO is really SuperSuperSuper Bad!
    Fuck the KSMO what a high! No better time to do it than the day after a thc induced Super O.

    I guess it's like clearing the blockages for chi. Anyone that's ever done any energywork knows before getting on to the larger psychic energy centres like the chakra's first the energy pathways have to be cleared so the energy can flow freely. Similarly I feel everytime I have a super O that encompasses yet another dimension another connection is made in my nervoussystem clearing the path to reach yet higher and fuller in the experience of pleasure.

    It's like knowledge, it's cumelative and the more you know, the more you can combine and connect the dots, it's the journey(the new connections being made to ever increasing pleasure)

    As mentioned there's an interaction taking place between the psychic body(the energy body;astral body)and the physical, where breath is the modulator(charging breath) and combined with awareness creates the link with the psychic energy body. But what about thoughts?

    Has anyone else experience when the multidimensional links in energy and nervoussystem are being made that there are other external influences?
    Like the impact on your thoughts? Getting flooded with idea's.
    I remember reading about Mozart. How his sister recalled that from a very young age he was able to escape into his own world and come out with a composition.

    I believe everyone has the ability to find that special connection where the energies align, where the world can't hurt you, a place where everything is beautiful and where creativity springs eternal. And the beauty is every new neural pathway discovered makes the discovery of other combinations inevitable.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Ho Helixer!!! :D :D :D

    Your journey has clearly hit the exponential upward acceleration curve! Great to see your energetic profile benefiting so much from KSMO too as a great complementary practice!!

    All of what you describe is familiar territory and processes for me, YES!!! :D

    It would/will be great to chat with you about all of this my friend.

    all the best upward trajectories and the gratitude that accelerates even further all

  • reading your post and your mention of Mozart made me think about how I've personally been in a state of mind usually in the morning upon waking where I can create the most beautiful and original music in my mind. I am not a musician and don't know the first thing about playing instruments, but I am serious when I say the stuff I can create in these states is very beautiful, very melodic... and would easily be an instant hit if there were a way to transfer it out of my mind and onto a CD. Unfortunately, even if I was a musician, usually by the time I awaken, I've totally forgotten it.

    I'm just using that as an example -- I believe there is real hidden power in the human mind. The only difference between people like Mozart and the rest of us, is they learned to tap in to that power.

    I am convinced that the western world has no idea the power and potential that lies in the human mind. We squander it away wasting our time in "schools" that have no idea what they're doing. It is quite possible that the next big leap in human understanding is when we truly learn to embrace and understand our own selves, and our own unlimited potential.

    Just think -- if we can really have this much pleasure. So much that the rest of the world doesn't believe it's even possible. What other things are we capable of that we may have have closed our minds to accepting? Just a thought.

  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    @Artform: thanks, I'd like that. Besides the dope I think the acceleration is due to previous explorations, like the energyworks&chakrabreathing and now the ksmo, coming together revealing more and more of the bigger picture. And that to me is really what it's about. This coming together.....stuff that you've done in a previous life, stuff that you always thought was a waste of time and now is finally coming together. Perhaps it's just part of the human psyche, always trying to create order so maybe that's just what happens when you've acquired seemingly unrelated skills, somehow you try to give them meaning in the whole coz surely they must be related>?????

    Or of course, as Churchill once stated when he became pm in wartorn England,"finally everything I've ever done in my life is falling into place, it was all a preperation for this moment"

    Hopefully one day I'll be able to say that about my excursions into Remote Viewing and Outer Body Experiences.
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    @Binary Fellow: concurred! But there's more to artistry than just being able to receive from this divine source. Mozart for example could transcribe(a few days later) a symphony he heard just once! So apart from just being a genius with absolute pitch a gifted pianist and violinist, he also had a phenomenal memory! So whereas ppl like you and I have access to this source we have a hard time translating it or remembering it. Whereas Mozart would receive as if dictated, he would write it down (without correction as it was already completed in his head) and would even be able to have a conversation with someone at the same time .

    I used to write songs, but after certain traumatic experiences, I can only do classical music. I've learnt a lot myself from the massive resources on internet, but unfortunately will never be 2nd nature...I think that is part of the reason why the 'translation' is problematic, musical education should start at a very young age.....But still, eventhough others can't enjoy what you're enjoying and you can't make a hit, experiencing it in your mind is in itself worth it.

    I don't believe in schools. Hopefully some day those institutions will be wiped off the face of the Earth. If only I'd been born now, in the age of internet. I'm not saying ppl can't be educated, ppl have to find their way first. How much sense does it make to have children with different skills and abilities in one classroom being taught a standardized curriculum? It's a waste of time. How much more is learnt when a child is stimulated, when a child is learning something of interest, something theyre passionate about?The infrastructure is firmly in place for knowledge, now all that's needed is a better coordination with the individual so time and knowledge isn't wasted.

    Unfortunately vested interests, sure ppl have unlimited possibilities, but for the elite it's not about human capital, it's all about $$$$. If ppl can increase productivity by splitting the task into infinitly small repetitive tasks, then productivity can increase eventhough the individual is doing work for a dumb dumb. For them anything showing the masses what their true potential is, is subversive, but who knows with the internet things are starting to change