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Into synthesis
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    It's like the Aneros opens up new pathways of pleasure, I'm really becoming more and more aware of the fact that every cell is an orgasm by authority as consciousness with a little dial to side AT WILL being able to turn it up to MINDBLOWING propensity.

    but there are other pathways....what I experienced previously with the Aneros was purely physiological, with my recent broughthrough when I reported not to have experienced the dry orgasm, but still was orgasming Energetically....

    So the synthesis is the blending of those into a really breathtaking 3 dimensional representation coz of energetic interactions with the body into something quite destinct from the previous 2....Ladies and Gentleman, I bring you: The Blended Orgasm

    I've mentioned before how I felt I was really in tune with Bach, I think I know why's essence is being in touch with this awerawedness devotional feel your almost elivated by it.....

    Signing off, more later perhaps :(
  • HelixerHelixer
    Posts: 566
    I agree with DTM and others that the Aneros-less orgasms after a session are more intense, and even more so if the sessions with the Aneros was already mindblowing the Aneros then becomes like excess bagage, a massive oilleak, shit that's holding you back from really reaching the stratosphere of possibility.
    So friend and foe, SHIT IT OUT, SCREW IT, discard it like a wanton whore, it was but a passing phase, the rocketlauncher, coz after lift off, the connections are made of breathing and how Tai Chi might possibly have fruits like a Scarlatti piano sonato has for finger dexterity.....This use of chi and breathing and the different patterns, I think it's bullshit to have a strict principle. Remember it originated from Asia and their it's all about tradition and obedience....No Bach's or Mozart's wil ever come from's a cultural difference .....master the dance of energy and breathing an resonances and perhaps if I lived where you lived I would feel the urge to go deep down where the beast that's roaring with animalistic lust and desire lusting for release, you know powerfull emotions release in beastial moans, the primitive, a vulcano waiting to explode

    Energy, breath, moans, explode