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5-Minute Orgasm?
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 853
    I just had my best Super-O yet yesterday. Jesus, my mind is still boggled that this is happening to me. I started off on my side, legs bent at a 90 degree angle. After about 5 minutes I got the familiar twitching, Eupho being pulled deeper and then hips thrusting. I rolled to my back and placed my bottom of my feet together, this position seems to create the optimum transmission of involuntary contractions to the groin area. My hips were thrusting in a fantastic rhythm. it takes a bit of practice to keep the involuntaries in the hip area, if you don't they migrate to other parts of the body and it will defuse the building of the pleasure. I try not to over analyze what my body is doing, I try to let it do what it wants to do and give it a little bit of course correction (keeping the energy in the hip area).

    Deep breathing (belly breathing) is essential to building and maintaining Super-Os. Each inhale and exhale builds more and more prostate tingling and engorgement. I know I am on the right track when I start to get deep thrusting in the hips, they are tilted in such a way that I feel every stroke of the aneros moving against my prostate. The feeling is delicious. I keep breathing deeply, it is hard because my mind is racing. I sometimes briefly hold an inhale or an exhale as it intensifies the pleasure, but do not hold too long because it can slow to the ascent to a bigger feeling. Building more pleasure with each successive round of deep breathing, my body is on auto-pilot hips thrusting. I am having 20-30 second orgasms one after another.

    It is almost too intense to think about, thankfully my mind has been dulled a bit by the weed I vaped 20 minutes ago. My orgasms are so long that I am running out of sexual fantasies, I guess that is not a bad problem to have. ;) Fantasies are important to start and maintain the strongest orgasms. When I am having a really hot fantasy I feel that I am on the cusp of ejaculating, which is a great feeling.

    During all this, time evaporates, the pure pleasure of it bathes the mind in a soothing haze of euphoria. I only wish I could maintain this feeling forever, but my body can't maintain it, I am exhausted. I known it had to be at least 5 minutes, it felt like hours. 5 minutes of utter sexual bliss, how many men get to experience that?
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    Well done again The Bishop(of Ripon and Leeds).
    It sounds as if you have found your path.
    I hope to join you one day on the Super O highway when I get off this rock paved path.
    May the road rise with you and the wind be at your back.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    once again, I am very envious of you bishop, but happy for you just the same. Now that you have had your first super O, are you able to have one every time you have a session?
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 853
    [QUOTE=thhn;88712]once again, I am very envious of you bishop, but happy for you just the same. Now that you have had your first super O, are you able to have one every time you have a session?

    Hi thhn-
    I am able to have long sustained orgasms and super-Os each session. But I only usually have a session once a week, so I have a lot of sexual energy conserved. Plus, I have not ejaculated in a month.
    Don't be envious of me, if I can get there after two years, anyone can get there. The ones that should be envious are the ones that give up on the aneros prematurely or are not aware of it's existence, they should be envious of us. ;)
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 401
    Good morning, t_b,, good to see everyone having great Aneros experiences!

    Sounds like you're coming along well bishop, and that's wonderful. You've only begun to enjoy the full blessings of the Aneros, t_b, as you become better and better acclimated to the associated feelings and indicators, your sessions will get better and better. Remember, you'll not always get to Super O, but there are miles of great orgasms along the way. You will (I do) experience longer and longer orgasmic periods, some of mine are 20 minutes or more, without a Super O.

    This is a state you wish to achieve! I can get to a level of pleasure that is almost unbearable, and with careful breathing and body position (leg position, back position, muscle contractions (one cheek then the other) and other physical control), sustain them for extended periods. Learning to encourage and enhance these sessions will lead you to better and better experiences with your Aneros. Super O, while a goal, is NOT the end-all to Aneros enjoyment.

    Hang in there, all of you who are still on your journey. As you can tell from the_bishop's experience, good things DO happen.