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Where are these feelings coming from?
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    To give an update on my progress toward Super O; I experienced a strangely powerful traditional orgasm after much edging (brought on by a combination of the electrical stim of the Slightest Touch, aneros, and manual touch). A sensation that went from the threshold of orgasm and beyond to a place and sensation that I've never experienced before and was so unexpected I didn't have time to let out a good moan (also the first time I ever felt a need to moan). However, like all traditional orgasms the peak sensations lasted 3 seconds. Also, having returned the slightest touch I don't know if I'd be able to reproduce this orgasm. (Slightest Touch never worked for my wife, but I still believe it could in the future).

    Prior to this I was reading and learning that it is important to free yourself to the idea of moaning, shaking, anything you want to do or have been suppressing or not supprting or (re)discovering that you do indeed have these desires. I also feel that it is important not to force these things but rather learn to coax them out and support them. Such advice is given when using the Aneros to bring on involuntary contractions and pleasurable feelings. I feel this was a big step for me.

    Feeling an almost drug-like (I've never use drugs 8) ) state of happiness after the orgasm, I began to naturally feel waves of pleasure that would flutter up and down my body or slam into me like an ocean wave. 1.5 months has passed and since then I've been experiencing these feelings on and off. However, I haven't been using the Aneros (I'm waiting to get better lube and syringe; also up to this point I've never had much success with the Aneros) and have acquired the Prostate Cradle. I've been able to generate some pleasurable feelings and pre-cum (better results than the Aneros thus far)... here's where it gets interesting. Where are these feelings coming from? For the past few weeks I would be lieing in bed experiencing pleasure waves that seem to come from nowhere and seem to become a little more intense each day as I tune in on them and avoid traditional orgasm. I'm not using the Aneros or Cradle during these times and the feelings can last for hours and, to a lesser intensity, throughout the whole day on and off. It seems that the only time the feelings completely go away is after I have a traditional orgasm. It returns in a day or two, but using the prostate cradle during this time becomes a boring task. Recently I've been trying to have have intercourse without orgasm with some success.

    This morning was special. I woke up "hard" with pleasurable/sexual feelings/waves (similar to most mornings). I felt like any little touch to my sexually sensitive areas would generate all sorts of pleasure waves. Too much stimulation to my penis would cause pleasure waves to disappear, but slowly come back. At one point I began to feel something pleasurable inside of me building. I couldn't help but tense up a little bit and while I didn't moan (my wife was still sleeping) I felt the the strongest desire to I have ever felt. It was like my body was taking over and I could do nothing but accept it. Awesome. The feeling didn't last. Another time I stimulated my nipples and felt a warm and intense pleasure in the entire shaft of the penis almost as if energy wanted to explode out of me. Wow. (I have yet to experience a nipple, dry, or multiple orgasm). During these times pre-cum is very evident and I think the longer I avoid traditional orgasm, the more pre-cum I have, and I'm hoping the more I tune into these feelings, the more pre-cum I will have overall.

    It seems that I am becoming more intune with these feelings and seem to be able to experience them to a small degree whenever I focus on it. I have this theory. Your heartbeat is like a metronome, a bassline starting point for pleasure waves and other feelings of stimulation. Maybe that's why for some people using the aneros using the "Do Nothing" technique works, because your heartbeat provides that bassline pulse or vibration. When I don't feel any pleasure waves I begin to focus on my hearbeat and feel the pulse and try to imagine these pulses being very stimulating, involuntary, sexual, etc. I also try to imagine subtle pleasure waves as more intense as I try to coax involuntary responses and greater pleasure, this is another way I feel that I'm tuning in on these feelings.

    Where are these feelings coming from, where am I along the journey of Super O, and does anyone have similar experiences or ideas, tips, advice, etc? Thank you! :)
  • cmfcmf
    Posts: 10
    Hi Korkelz.
    I too have been becoming in tune with these feelings. Ever since I was a kid in puberty, I remember when ever I got aroused, my heart would literally beat off the chart. I noticed that as my heart pounded and throbbed prefusely, so did my erection. I knew there was some connection. I have been lucky to get to the Super O by my 3rd go with the Progasm I am new to this, and started in March. I had bought a small generic model which gave some good sensations but not much else. Never felt like it reached the spot. So I oredered the Progasm The first couple of tries, some good sensations, but no Super O. My 3rd time was a"Charm!" Kind of cool, like the old saying goes. I did all the prep work. But I tried something different here. I used petroleum jelly as a base coat on the Aneros, then appied a 2nd coat of KY. I put these ocean/waves sounds on that I have, drank a couple of drinks and got relaxed and ready. I knew something was going to happen good that night. My heart was doing that throbbing/pounding/racing thing. So was my erection. I felt like an adolescent again getting ready to have sex for the 1st time. I did the breathing exercises and my contractions. (I post this b4, I do 5 full contracs, 5 medium contracs, 5 small contracs, then 5 full contracs while holding the contracs for 10 seconds b4 release on the last 5 reps. This does something to me and gets my heart racing. On my 3rd set of contractions the Progasm took over. I was convulsing and thrashing all over. My head, heart, pulse, erection, and prostate were all throbbing in unisen. Or should I say "Uni-Zen!" These waves went on for 15 more cycles for the next few hours. The whole time, my heart beat was pulsating. I do know what you are talking about. It was like the one thing I could hear vividly, (besides my moaning, lol.)
    Now, there are times where, I get into a deep trance during my initial breathing exercise. I concentrate on my heart pounding and think of all the things that have turned me on the most in my life. This seems to really get my heart rate up. Lately, I don't even have to start the contractions. My excitedness, pulsing heart rate, and horniness all spur the Progasm to just take over. Its been really cool. I have some of the best sessions lately like this. All the time, my heart going thump thump! Cool, I'm glad someone else made the connection too like me!
  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    Between 2:30 and 4:30 am almost every morning i wake up hard. By gentle spooning against my wifes butt crack I will start involuntaries. Within ten minutes i am in full blown super o s. No aneros. I can sustain the orgasm for between 5 minutesand 15 minutes. Nipple stimulation is wired right to my cock. I use it to keep them going. I slide from wave or orgasm to wave of orgasm for as much as 90 minutes. Once i get going dont need to be against my wife I can just sustain them with imagery, nipple stim and contraction. Just did one last night. Not forcing them and just going with the flow and maintaining erotic mental imagery does it. It seems that it woirks best in the middle of the night between those times. I think it has to do with hormone levels. Very hard to do them quietly ...thankfully wife is a very heavy sleeper.

    Have developed this ability about a year ago and do it every other night just about.

    You are on the road.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    WoW!! bigguy!! :D :D

    What a great personal pattern for you!! Mrs. a is a light sleeper and thereby hangs my tail/tale on that type of activity. Congratulations, and all the best with this!! Who knows where that my lead your rewiring next?!