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Is it O.P.M. ? or O.P.T. ?
  • tjenkinstjenkins
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    I just had my first set of involuntary orgasms while driving! It was 3 in five miles, so I guess it was 0.60 OPM or Orgasms per Mile! Hope I just coined a new mnemonic here.

    To start, I have had a MGX for lets say 9 months. Kinda used it as a novelety and always ejaculated by hand or other while using it. I finally tried it for it's true use and let's just say it was great. Had what I now know was a Super O around 2 weeks ago. I know it because I read here more and when it happened a couple days ago it was phenominal. Epic. I sounded like a little B while almost crying into my pillow. It seemed to last a couple minutes, then several smaller ones and pleasure waves over 30 minutes or so. I was very vocal and could not help it.

    So yesterday I had a nice 2 plus hour E-stim session with prostate tri-phase set-up. I tried not to cum because I had some new aneros(es)? on the way. It had been almost 2 days since I had came - a long time for me. I really wanted to abstain for 4 days or more. I came, however.

    So today I am driving and I get this feeling growing in my prostate. It took over and I started having involuntaries. At the red light I covered my mouth with my hand because my window was down and I wanted no one to see my grin. It was not nearly like Super O's, but I definitely would classify as orgasms. Seems like I read a post here about someone wanting them to stop or having to excuse themselves from the room. I could see now how that could happen. It is just a little taste of what that constant orgasming problem some women have spoken of recently in the news. One definitely could not function in life like that or like I was today if 24 hrs/day. It was nice though!

    Now I think about it my whole trip was about 18 miles so I guess it was 0.17 OPM. Or 3 OPT -per trip!

    Now I am trying out the helix and progasm tomorrow.
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    Looks like you will be driving a lot more in the future.................YMMV