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Spiritual Galactic Virgin
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Aneros is the magic key to the personal spaceship of your mind. More and more here are finding those levels beyond the generous joys of sexual enhancement.

    In the recent chat, I related a recent Spiritual Orgasmic experience while BF Mayfield, ohmy06 and others were online and compared this particular journey of mine to Burt Rutan's great design and two-stage launch method for the first private space-flight system, now in production for Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic commercial space-flight company.

    The launch vehicle, named White Knight (which coincidentally is what I initially called my MGX!) takes Spaceship One up about ten miles high, where SO launches up into the Stratosphere another 90 or so miles up, and all aboard float weightlessly freely briefly. That experience would cost one about the cost of 2,985 aneros models!

    My flight began by getting the energies fired up to MicroCosmic Orbit levels intially and into the Calm Seas Orgasmic powerful floating bliss, and then graciously guided in technique by one of the growing Energies Exchange group here, I boosted up seriously into the cosmic floating bliss of dissolving universal union with all. Then came the surprise!

    The surprise will soon appear in my blog: Aneros In the meantime see the "Beyond Words..." post there from a 2008 Spiritual Orgasm trip very like all of the above, butt without the surprise: Beyond Words... - Aneros Blog Entry

    At the time of telling this in the chat, BF and I and others had a good laugh at the comparison with physical space-flight. Yet, on reflection I can't help but muse that almost three thousand can/could get there, and far further out with a bit of Flight School called Aneros.

    Check out and vote if you haven't yet the Poll on Spiritual Orgasms:

    all the best flight training circuit making body/mind flying adventures and universal/multiversal ecstatic journeying all

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi All

    The "surprise" is now detailed in the new post, Galactic Virgin: Present in the Presence in my blog: Aneros

    I hope that all who have experienced anything like the sensing of another presence with you while having a spiritual level orgasmic flight will share that with us here.

    all the best cosmic spiritual grace embodied peace reunion all