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Been Away A While
  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    I have been away from the forum for almost a year. I have gotten involved with some serious erotic writing and a social networking site for enlightened adults. I decided to drop in and share what has been happening in my Aneros world even though I haven't been here.

    First and foremost I have developed an incredible attachment to my peridises and my eupho. I have the entire line but without a doubt, my eupho extracts the most exquisite super o's from me ... I am of the opinion that less is indeed more!!!!.

    What has been particularly interesting for me is the piggy backing of aneros less super o's and aneros super o's. Last September I developed the ability to have super o's with nothing in me. Interestingly enough they occur best between 3-4 in the morning,. I can sustain 2 solid hours of spasms with short lulls between them just before dawn. I wake up out of sleep . . . relaxed I suspect as well as flooded with hormones in early morning. If I relax enough and give into the sensations they are absolutely intense. . . the pumping and fluttering of my prostate and anus is amazing.

    Then at what is usually 6AM i put in my eupho. What follows is the most mind boggling aneros session. It is usually helped along with nipple stimulation and verbalizing. Some of the best imagery to get me off is of being taken in the ass by a well hung guy. Verbalizing the experience with my eupho in as I imagine being done sends me over the edge. I have gotten the leg shakes, the twisting and groaning ...the whole nine yards.

    I have been doing a mix of this scenario since last fall. I must say that the sessions have gotten hotter and hotter. Earlier this week I did a session with no insertion of any aneros. Just the mental imagery sent me into continuous orgasmic spasms that went back to back for 40 minutes with no respite. I was a sweaty exhausted mess after they were done with me. By the time I was 15 minutes into the session this last week all I had to do to sustain it was will it to happen. I have found that the longer a session is and the better it feels, the easier it is to sustain it.

    This regimen has allowed me to have 2.5 hour orgasmic sessions.

    It has been an absolutely amazing year. I will try to get back into the swing of the forum again and report on my progress.

    This is now 2.5 years of aneros activity and I feel like I really have mastered it. Still learning, but this last year has been a staggering experience literally.

  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 854
    Wow bigguy, that is quite an update! Sounds like you have put the time to good use while you were away.
  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    Just had another two hour session this morning . Been having them 2-3 times per week since February. Some are 20 minutes some are two hours.

    will be more active now ...have been involved in another forum since September ...that has been where all of my on line time has gone. I am back now.