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  • a tingle just crept up my spine like warm water swallowing my being:
    the aftermath of volcanic release, only it had rained honey instead of ash.

    i lay supine, shivering, shuddering, hissing in the deliciousness of it.
    little rivulets fell from my cock, my stomach became a hillside,
    curves and dew and strong earth bound and waiting.

    nipples all aglow, each the ruler of its own universe of wonderful
    of wow of whimper-inducing pleasure.

    my legs spread apart, wriggling and sliding along the bed, tense then loose
    then taut then floating somewhere atop everest's cloudy halo.
    sharing one almost-self, one nigh-corporeal essence with the rest of me,
    splayed and pierced and begging for the agonizing ecstasy to drip, flow,
    flow, please, please wash over me entirely.

    one hand curled up upon itself, fingers seeking to establish some shred
    of anchor in this liquid cosmos of indiscernible, undetermined shapes
    given hint of form through paroxysm, through penetration, through the pristine.

    another hand turned savior, leaped up to form a flesh-and-bone roof over my gaping mouth,
    with tongue fluttering, dancing in rapid breath;
    desperate oh-oh-ohs in triple-time, each yanked out by some demonic angler impatient for the shore.

    then the release, the cataclysm, the end of ends that promises renewal, body made into one purpose
    one non-thought one star caught in the telescope, flicker fade flicker, explode.
    i give birth to everything, i have involved all in the ardent fire of my love.


    indeed, the goddess lives, and for a moment, i was She.

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    BRAVO!!! Encore! Encore!
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 200
    You weave a surreal dreamscape Perennial Questr.

    Afloat on an ocean of bliss, far from shore.
    Helpless in the grip of a storm of orgasm.
    No shelter, no respite.

    The spirit flies like an albatross, skimming the wavetops of ecstasy.

    The edges blur.
    Altered states.
    All reference is lost.
    Time is motionless.

    Finally the tempest abates.
    You are spent but somehow alive.

    Ah ! the power of words.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks too Voyager!!! :D :D :D

    See privateidaho03's posting of the Hafez gem in his Ecstatic Poetry thread!

    We live in our language capabilities and linguistic consciousness. Those, like you guys, who can embody and embed our sensuous lives into artful evocative language, are a further great gift to us all. Words and metaphors are triggers of great potency too. Thanks again to all poets.

    Now off to the great discipline of the Haiku Chain all of you!!! :D

    speechless with joy unbound, and riding ecstatic energies around the universe alone/withal, some words/patterns hove into body parts and rattled the mind to action all

  • Thank you, both. I get inspired after a wonderful session, for which I feel gratitude, because I don't write as much as I used to back in the days before my twentieth year. My other recent post (The Clock Reads 4:48am) I didn't really intend as any kind of poem; I just get carefree with language sometimes.

    This, however, I intended as a poem proper, and it reflects a little bit of my usual (old) style. I'd like to do more, the muse permitting. We shall see.:)

    Oh, and as for the haiku chain, I appreciate the compliments. I don't have much skill for haikus, however, nor an especial love of them. As I said, this poem represents my favored style. I've never had much attraction to rhyming/codified poems, preferring to just let my feelings flow as they will, and let whatever constraints I build come subconsciously --they do exist; check the rhythm of Pele's Avatar closely and you may see them.

    I will keep the invite in my thoughts, and if the time comes where I feel I can contribute, I shall. Thanks.