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Strange multiple semi-traditional orgasm...
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    I've been expirimenting with shallow and deep jabbing/massaging of my perinium with my three middle fingers while stimulating the T-spot (T-spot being penis because T = traitional? sorry, noobie still). Apologies if you thought this thread was an Aneros semi-success story, sorry. Anyways! Stimulating the T spot until the jabbing starts to feel good.

    At this point I'm lightly stimulating the T spot to keep the pleasure going. This is required because my perinium alone can't keep the pleasure going until I'm right before T orgasm. Maybe that will change in the future.

    Going deep seems to set off powerful pleasure waves that last about a second, pleasure that feels a lot like what I feel with a T orgasm... just to let you know all this is not as pleasurable as a T orgasm because it requires holding back. So the jabbing starts to feel quite good and I'm now slowly dripping. Too much stimulation would lead to a T orgasm and refactory period. Stopping the stimulation before T-gasm can allow involuntary contractions just like a T-gasm.

    By the 3rd time I reach this state, it seems that I’m out of fluid and am not getting involuntaries, but I’m sure if I have a T-orgasm I’d cum a little bit more. After reaching the period a few more times with maybe just tiny drops leakage, the pleasure starts to feel like I'm going to have a T-gasm and refactory period no matter what, so it's limiting. Also, if I don’t reach T-gasm I still feel like there’s some kind of refactory symptoms. I may have less refactory symptoms if I limit myself to reach the semi-T-orgasm stage once or twice.

    I dunno what to make of it really!

    Late note: At one point I was near orgasm so I firmly deeply held my fingers into the perinium and at the same time pressing on the sensitive spot under the penis, stimulating it ever so slightly to not at all and the pleasure just kept growing. But had to stop or I'd have a T-gasm.
  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    By the way... not to derail this topic (not that it has gone anywhere yet haha), but I've been really curious. Is it just me or does anyone else perspire heavily at the butt and back leg area during sexual stimulation? Seriously, I can sometimes be dripping wet, not with cum... with sweat.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Korkelz!! :D :D

    Get a mirror and see if you too have functioning anal glands, which use a mix of sweat and sebaceous oils to produce your natural lubricant!! Mine are active. I do produce. And yes you can get damp at the butt just from enthusiasm, as well as activities. If you think you may have functioning exterior anal glands, check out my photo album for a comparison. Mine are doctor certified! :D

    I can also get sweat wet up the back at the sacrum and a bit above.

    all the best natural silky smoothness all

  • KorkelzKorkelz
    Posts: 294
    How do you look at someone's photo Album?

    I have a question. There's a difference between the two (three if you count male squirt) fluids we men produce (and it looks like women produce two types or three too, not counting menstruation cycle but subject for another matter). The clear low viscosity liquid and the thick white liquid. I heard the clear one is meant to sterilize the penis for safe travel of sperm, and give them something they can swim in. And the white stuff is the sperm. Ok. Randomly for the first time I squirted a handful of just the clear stuff (self-stim plus aneros/edging). WHAT DOES IT MEAN!? I tend to think that's what milking the prostate is all about, just the clear stuff.