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Ecstatic Poetry
  • I happen to believe only poetry can begin to express the experience of transcendent pleasure, the ecstasy that follows success with the Aneros. I suspect many of you agree.

    Of course transcendent pleasure is no recent invention; it has played a role in many spiritual traditions through history. I thought it might be fun and inspirational to collect poems here that touch on the subjects of pleasure and ecstasy, not just the work of established poets but also original poetry by members of this forum.

    I have been searching for years for this poem and finally discovered it today. The author is probably my favorite poet: Shams-ud-Din Mohammed Hafez, or just Hafez (sometimes written "Hafiz"), a Sufi mystic of 14th century Persia. The title is, "You left a thousand women senseless."

    Last time
    When you walked through the city
    So beautiful and so naked,

    You left a thousand women senseless
    And impossible to endure.

    You left a thousand married men
    Confused about their gender.

    Children ran from their classrooms
    And teachers were glad you came.

    And the sun tried to break out
    Of its royal cage in the sky
    And at last, and at last,
    Lay its Ancient Love at your feet.

    If only you had permitted it,
    All the world could have died like Hafiz,

    Dancing with joy,
    Filled with ecstasy,
    Unbearable divine light.
  • OptimusOptimus
    Posts: 25
    Wooo. Please try to get this put into B Mayfield's "Waxing-poetic" thread.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Well privateidaho03!!!


    The poetry of Hafez and that of Rumi too carries such aesthetic energies and eternal beauties that they challenge us to artful and aesthetically very sensitive as we explore the body/mind ecstatic energies here...

    many thanks for bringing this to us all