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I have some questions.
  • 54f2th54f2th
    Posts: 6
    I’ve been on “my journey” for over two years now and been unable to decide whether or not I am achieving an Aneros orgasm. However, I have enjoyed every minute with my MGX and found all sorts of marvelous new sensations and been able to reach much higher levels of sexual excitement during my Aneros sessions.

    I’ve read all the posts from so many other men that have been able to reach that elusive sexual peak that so many describe as ultimate hands free orgasm, but I just can’t seem to get there. I’ve have some questions.

    I've found that each new session brings me to a newer and different sexual satisfaction than the prior session, and that I’ve learned what does and doesn’t work.

    I’ve learned; A nice hot shower always makes me more relaxed. I empty myself well in advance. That internally lubed always is best. An hour or so before of sexual fantasy heightens my minds concentration for erotic stimulation. That I absolutely avoid penile contact during my session. I allow my self to mentally flow during each new sensation and avoid concentrating too much on “the end result”. That I permit some time when I first insert the MGX to allow my body to relax with the feeling of it inside me. That I start with even and paced contractions to get things going. And I pay attention when I start to feel the involuntary contractions and allow them to work themselves rather that force them.

    I too go from cycles of flaccid and erect as so many others describe. It takes only about ten minutes into a session when I begin to experience the involuntary contractions. I find that laying on my side is the best position, with laying on my stomach is my second best for all the sensations to occur.
    However, I have several questions to ask so that I can tell if I am on the right track.

    1. When I begin to feel the involuntary contractions, it seems that there are two very distinct types. One is a feeling of the MGX “bobbing and bouncing” in and out. The other contractions I feel up and along the shaft of my cock causing it to “twitch and spasm”. What are these two different involuntaries, and what’s going on? Which is more important?

    2. There are times when I get this rush and feeling of greater fullness, and even to the point where the MGX feels like it is being pulled deeper in to me. What is that?

    3. Is the “BIG O” that same as a dry orgasm? Is the feeling the same as when I would experience a normal ejaculation cycle where I would be cumming with my usual four or five spasms of sperm being expelled up and through my cock?

    4. How long does an Aneros orgasm normally last? Is it like my common orgasm and ejaculation lasting a brief moment, or does it last longer?

    5. When I do cycle between flaccid and erect, my cock gets much harder than when I do not have the MGX inside. There are times my cock gets absolutely “rock hard”, much longer and thicker and much firmer than without the Aneros. When I get those rock solid rections, I sometimes find myself losing concentration on my prostate and can only thing about my cock. Is this normal? Is that all part of it?

    I’ll thank everyone that replies to my post in advance. I need all the help I can get.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443

    IMHO, you are very much on the right track, all that you have learned corresponds with my own findings. While our individual reactions may differ, the pleasure field does continue to expand as you allow it and are able to handle it.

    I don't know that I have answers to your questions as it seems to me these are part of the mystery each of us incurs in our individual journeys.

    Q.#1 - Of the two contraction types your describe, I don't think labeling or judging one type more important than another type as particularly relevant. They are both pleasurable sensations to be enjoyed as part of the flow of your Aneros experience. Perhaps thinking of them as a shift in the current of energy pulsing through your body is more appropriate. We may not consciously understand these subtle energy shifts but we can certainly enjoy their effects.

    Q.#2 - Yeah, the
    'pulling in' and perception of inflated fullness is a rather unique and enjoyable sensation. I don't bother to question what it is or why it is, I just try to enjoy it as it occurs.

    Q.#3 - I recently re-read
    'B Mayfield's post in Non-Ejaculatory response vs Super-O which, I think, addresses this thought well. I no longer think of these orgasms in the traditional ejaculatory sense but as qualitatively different orgasms, with a richness of pleasure that is different (a different flavor, so to speak) from the traditional penile based orgasm.

    Q.#4 - What is
    "normal" for you is probably different for me but that doesn't mean that my orgasms are 'abnormal' because they are different. I am not clear what you are terming a "common orgasm" but the prostate based orgasms are not the same as penile generated ejaculatory orgasms.

    Q.#5 - I believe all of our previous masturbatory practices have thoroughly ingrained in our brains the pleasure connections to our penis. I think it is quite natural to drift back into those older thought processes, especially when we are in the process of
    "Letting Go" conscious control in order to to enter the Super-O zone. I think part of the rewiring process involves re-programming some of our thought processes to focus on body parts other than our penis as a source of pleasure. When you are able shift that focus away from your penis, you may find heightened sensitivity and awareness of your other erogenous zones that expand your sensuality.