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Nothing has happened with helix
  • koloskolos
    Posts: 1
    I've tried using the helix in the shower laying down and on my kneed on my own 3 times now and i'm trying to sense those sensations I'm supposed to be feeling however no luck. I'm lubbing up as well however I believe I may be doing something incorrectly. Maybe it's not long enough to reach my prostate or thick enough? I'm not an expert on anal play nor did I have any anal sex before i started using the the helix. I have had anal sex a long time ago and remember that incredible feeling however the guy's cock was about 8-9 inches and had done poppers to allow that to even fit. I don't want to do poppers and I'm pretty sure i know the feeling of when my prostate is being touched or milked which isn't the case with this aneros. Should i go for the prograsm? I haven't lied in bed either to try out the helix.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello kolos, :)

    And welcome to the Aneros forum.
    I would give yourself a few months time of regular practice with your Helix before you decide on purchasing a different Aneros model. These new sensations take time for some men to develop and feel. For comparisons sake, it took me 1.5 years of infrequent sessions before I started to feel anything particularly pleasurable with my Helix, which was also my first Aneros. Likely I could have compressed that down to a few months had I been disciplined enough to consistently have Aneros sessions on a regular basis.

    Also, I don't see you mention whether you've left your penis alone during the sessions or not. This is an important aspect to observe. Penile sensations get in the way of feeling these other new sensations that occur in the re-wiring process. Since your a new member here, Rumel should be sending you a private message with lots of goods links within this forum of information to help you along and get you started. I recommend you go through them and read as much as you can.

  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 400
    Good day to you kolos, and welcome to our community of Aneros users. You'll find a great deal of help, encouragement and information here, and your question is one that is almost always asked by new users. Please be assured that the Helix does reach your prostate, your Helix is exactly the right size for your body, and it will work for you.

    Love_is has given you good advice. The "rewiring" process, as we call it, can take some time to work. Some guys move along quickly, others take a longer while, but most eventually do get results. The prostate is a fickle little gland, and sometimes it take a while for it to wake up to the ministrations of the Aneros. The Helix is a great model, and WILL work if you give it some time to become accustomed to the sensations.

    Those sensations are often very subtle, especially at first, so be patient, very quiet, and relaxed and soon you'll start to get some feedback from your prostate. I might suggest, as a new guy, that you read this post that I wrote some time ago. I think it may help you to understand the change in male thinking that many of us have become accustomed to over the years. I don't know how old you are, but younger guys seem to move along faster at times, but you have to get used to the fact that your penis is not the center of the Aneros universe. Take a look at this and see if it helps you get what I'm talking about:

    The rewiring process is both physical AND mental, kolos. Keep in mind that, especially when beginning your journey, that you find time to relax and simply enjoy the process. I suggest inserting your Helix and lying down on your back or side. Do nothing as you lie there, simply concentrate on the pleasurable feeling of the Helix in your rectum. Your body will start to react to the presence of the toy. Just try to concentrate on the very subtle movement of the Helix as your body responds. It will happen.

    Good luck, kolos, and again, welcome.

  • GandorfGandorf
    Posts: 3
    Hello Kolos,
    I also am a new Helix user.
    I purchased my first Aneros device on 4/23. I have had two sessions with it and must say that everything that the expierenced users are advising is absolutly true.

    On my first session, after getting my rectum lubed and inserting the lubed Helix, I had to really concentrate to relax. Use the deep breathing method to get relaxed. I think the sensation of having something in my anus caused the elevated heart and breathing rate.
    It took about 20 minutes before I had my breathing and heart rate to a normal, resting level.
    Then I began with some anal contractions - gentle ones at first. I could feel the Helix moving and found the sensation pleasurable. If I exerted a firm contraction, I could feel the Helix pressing the prostate more firmly - a sensation of needing to pee.

    About one hour after initial insertion, I just began to relax [as advised by the forum users] What amazed me was that the anal contractions sort of took over and started moving the Helix ever so subtley in contact with the prostate. It was like the Helix had it's own life. The sensations were very pleasurable.
    I am sure after repeated sessions, I will be able to control or at least get to this relaxed state quicker knowing what is coming.
    No, I did not have a "Super O" or "Hands Free O" -- but I did have what I guess were "P-waves" - very pleasurable - but fleeting - I could not control or sustain them. When they started, I would want to get more from them but that caused them to go away. Kind of like getting your wife up to the edge of an orgasm, but she never completly goes over the top. [Now I know why she feels so frustrated when she misses the orgasm - I have now expierenced that letdown] This session was about 3 hours in length.

    The second session [3 days later] - two hours length.
    Prepped and inserted the Helix.
    Deep breathing and relaxing. I did not perform any anal contractions.
    After about 30 minutes, I was about to give up when the Helix started moving on it's own again.
    The involantary contractions are very small, but they are just the right amount for the Helix to massage the prostate and give such pleasure.
    I did have a "Hands Free" ejaculation after about 90 minutes. After that, the sensations were pleasurable, but I never peaked again.

    So, what does all this mean?
    It means my body is learning to pleasure itself when the Helix is in place. I don't need to "do" anything but go along for the ride!
    I am eager for the "rewiring" to train my anal and PC muscles to know just when and how to contract to bring the most pleasure. I now know that the claims by these users here on the Aneros forum are not a bunch of hype.

    Just be patient, relax, and don't expect the "Super-O" on your first few sessions.
    Enjoy the ride - be thankful for the small pleasures, knowing they are mileposts along the road to mark your progress.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,740
    [QUOTE=kolos;88062]I've tried using the helix in the shower laying down and on my kneed on my own 3 times now and i'm trying to sense those sensations I'm supposed to be feeling however no luck. ...snip ...

    Hi kolos and welcome!

    I'd figure the shower as a cold, hard place to be. Not a cozy spot for relaxation. Kneeling is a difficult posture in which to relax.

    Bed is always preferable. Suggest if this is an issue of getting away from others, stack a bunch of towels on the bathroom floor, make a soft smooth surface, bring along a pillow or two and assume a more relaxed posture. hth...