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Plus-Sized Guys - Model Recommendations?
  • d69dd69d
    Posts: 3
    While close but no cigar on a Super O with my 3-month-old Helix, I am already thinking about the next step for me.

    The Helix is hitting some very sweet spots, but I am wondering if another Aneros model - something longer and/or thicker for my size (over 6 feet tall and 300lbs) - would be in order.

    Anyone have recommendations?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,786
    I found that sticking with one model was the best bet and as it turned out I went the final step with the same Helix I'd bought a year earlier (even though my best vibes do come from a Eupho). In the meantime I'd added most of the other models to my toybox.

    Everyone "needs" a big one so this may be the time for Progasm or Maximus -- perhaps an ICE.

    hth ... rook
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    I am 6' 2" and 235lbs.

    I have the Helix & MGX.

    Overall the MGX has delivered the best results.
    The Progasm will probably be the next addition to the arsenal.
    I also have a yen for the Eupho.
    Some swear by the Perdise, others at it.
    Probably end up with the complete range if I live long enough.
    No help at all I know.
  • I'd say size isn't everything - I'm nearly 6' 4" and have had excellent sensations with the advanced Peridise set. I've resisted to urge to post about them until I make a major breakthrough.
  • I used Helix for well over a year with good result but no super o. I bought myself a Progasm and felt it was to big. I am 6'1 and 155 pounds. Not exactly a heavyweight.I threw it in my drawer. After using the Helix for 4 or 5 months more one day I again tried the Progasm. It produced my first super o that night and I never looked back. For me once I went over the edge I have been always been able to repeat it. I now use multiple Aneros toys in a session. Each one is wonderful with it's own sensations. Eupho is my favorite but I wouldn't want to be forced to used just one. Models I own: Eupho, Helix, MGX and the Progasm. MGX is my last purchase and though I have had some good sessions with it I haven't received the WOW factor I have with the other 3 models. I haven't given up yet though. LL