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Is there any prostate experts forum / website?
  • Ive had the aneros for a month now and i just dont feel anything on my prostate. Ive done all the deep breathing, all the 4 hour long sessions where got me nowhere but a few small contractions for a few days that never came back again.

    I think something is wrong with my prostate. i have massaged it with my finger for hours and never felt anything pleasurable.. it just doesnt make sense how an average man can go into the doctor and have his first prostate massage and have it be successfully "milked" but i have masaged mine for over 50 hours and over a month and never felt a single lick of pleasure.

    Is this "rewiring" stuff just nonsense?

    so if anyone knows like a website where i can go to ask a professional about my prostate id appreciate it (currently dont have health care cuz of unemployment)

    man it just really sucks to sit there for literally an hour with ur finger in ur ass... massaging away and u dont feel any pleasure at all but ur finger burns and feels like its broken.

    maybe i was born with some freakish disfigurement where my prostate has no never endings.
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434
    1. Why do you have a finger there and not the Aneros?
    2. If the session isn't any good after the first hour, I call it quits. I never usually have more than a spare hour of privacy anyway.
  • BamaBama
    Posts: 20
    The KEY is to Relax, Breath and just let it flow..... You cannot force it.... I been at it for about 9 months. When I started, I did not think I had a prostate at all. Over time, I have learned to relax, focus and let it take me where it wants to go. It will happen, just trust in your feelings when your body tells you that something different is taking place. We are so penis oriented, we forget to recognize feeling happening in other places of our body so we ignore them.