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New user needs Lubrication Advice
  • Rob1987Rob1987
    Posts: 2
    Dear Aneros users,

    I need some good advice on what type of lubrication to use for my Aneros sessions. Im not too fond of making my own lubrication, but if it is easy to obtain, and to make, it's okay.

    I have tried the K-Y jelly and I quite liked it. What I liked most was the thickness of it's material. In the past I have used olive oil as a lubricant, but I don't like this anymore as it makes nasty stains and your hands keep getting slippery. Also it's very thin. However, I found K-Y quite expensive, and I'm not planning on buying it each time it's out of stock.

    I would appreciate it if anyone can give me some good advice on what type of lubrication to make / buy. What I find most important is that it is durable, and not too expensive.


  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    Try Slippery Stuff Gel; it's super thick, quite slippery, lasts a long time, and it's the only lube that's been tested as anal-safe. Read article here:

    AEGiS-CATIE News: Intriguing findings from study on lubricants - March 29, 2007

    I buy the 16 oz pumper for about $15 delivered - try, they seem to have a good price at the moment. Oh, and get an anal syringe applicator, like the one sold on this site, or the Lube Launcher Blue, which can be had through for under $10 delivered.

    Welcome, Rob1987, and good luck!
  • poppiepoppie
    Posts: 23
    hey Rob1987, hows it hangin ,
    I am a fairly new member to this great group and Ive had issues with lubrication also. Ive used ID Glide , Astroglide ,KY, Maximus and others. now I use Slippery Stuff Gel and boy do I like it! , as the name implies it is slippery stuff ! If I'm using the progasm I usually squirt in a small amount into my rectum and also liberally coat the big fella , and it slides in so nice and much easier, movement in/out seems so much greater to. If Im using my helix just a liberal rub on it is all I need.The maximus lube runs a close second to the ssg and I also recommend it.I bought mine from an on line sex toy shop and price was quite reasonable , costs more than KY but hell your worth it ! As badger also stated get the pump bottle , so much easier an cleaner to work with , so if you have to reapply for those longer sessions its much nicer.
    Anyway welcome and have fun on your travels.
  • Rob1987Rob1987
    Posts: 2
    Thanks guys, gonna check out that Slippery Stuff Gel. Anyone also have some homemade recipes?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,837
    [QUOTE=Rob1987;87636]Thanks guys, gonna check out that Slippery Stuff Gel. Anyone also have some homemade recipes?
    On the road I use SSG--best readymade stuff I've found. (However, my options are limited by a sensitivity to glycerin.)

    At home I make up an all vege lube. A 70/30 mix of Unrefined Shea Butter/Coconut Oil, heated gently to 175 deg. F. for five minutes to pasteurize it. About 8oz of that goes in a glass jar in the refrigerator.

    I've got a bunch of whiskey shot glasses and put a small melon ball scoop of the chilled lube in each (about 3ml.) Suck 2ml of that into a lube shooter (in the winter, add a few drops of light olive oil to thin it). The shot glass then doubles as a parking place for the Aneros.

    This gear makes for an easy cleanup and no chance for back-contamination.

    I make up lube shooters from 10ml luer-lok disposable syringes (commonly used to refill ink cartridges. Cost about 75 cents each. Cut off the luer lock adapter. Then, polish all sharp edges. (really polish !!!) That leaves a 3mm hole in the end of the barrel which makes it easy to suck up stiff lubes.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Check out the Home Made Lube from Organic Flax Seeds and Water thread. I posted a review on it myself second from the bottom. If you can make oatmeal....this is a snap. It's cool stuff!

    BF Mayfield