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Newbie-encouraged by progress.
  • mclacjmclacj
    Posts: 12
    I am now 3 weeks into my aneros experience, now had several sessions.

    I have had a few early signs of progress, after a few sessions i started getting the pulsing in the anus & a rapid erection, some mild waves?

    In my last few sessions the feelings are slowly increasing going from flacid to rock hard pulsing erections a few times each session & mild waves & possibly early signs of involantary's.

    Although this is positive progress i would like to raise a few points/questions.

    I always wait for 15-20 minutes before any action, this has started producing mild pulsing before any movement.

    On the contractions after doing the 20-30 initial clenches or about 20 minutes, where do you go from there when no involantary's come?

    Have read one point about this suggests that you keep doing a sp contr & hold for about 8 secs, over a further 20 minutes, i have tried this & it seems to take you forward somehow.

    The other method is what aneros suggest, holding at 25-50% sp contr, from my reading of this you supposed to hold this for as long as possible?

    I have had nice mild waves off this 'holding' method.

    Overall i am a bit confused as to the relationship of these methods, i am not arrogant to think there can be a 'user manual for all' also this journey may take time & cannot be rushed, anything gained has to be positive however small.

    I always keep an open mind during sessions & always try new positions etc.

    Is the key in recognising when to move & when to do nothing?

    Can anyone relate to my confusion?

    I am always willing to learn & grateful for input.
  • mclacjmclacj
    Posts: 12
    Just to add, i know i am making progress & it will take time, i just seem to loose my way at times sound familiar to anyone.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 850
    Yeah, there is not one set way to get there, there are many paths.