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Great Balls Of Fire !
  • poppiepoppie
    Posts: 23
    Good morning to you all,
    Monday nights are usually a session nite , I usually retire early so I can have some alone time before the wife comes to bed.
    Well I did a light douche, put towel on the bed ,inject a little slippery stuff gel , wash and warm my helix, coated with maximus
    then my favorite part - slide it in - sooo nice - luv the feeling. Then I decided to listen to exstasy by kelly instead of alana.I did about 10 min of deep breathing, then started some light contractions , I had the same normal pleasant feelings like usual , BUT about I guess 30 min into the session I was getting some light throbbing in my anus and also thought it felt like I was having some very slight involuntarys going , after a few minutes there was some jabbing like pleasant pain from my prostate , after a few minutes of this I got MY FIRST SESSION HARD ON :D and without even touching myself which for me is hard to resist. I was so surprised and happy , It felt so good , my one eyed little devil even seemed to look up at me and;). unfortunately that didnt last as long as I wanted it but then shortly after this I got the start of some new strange feelings , firstly my balls started to move around ever so slightly in my sack and then they felt as if they were getting warmer and warmer then hot ! felt like they were on fire but a nice fire , I then just touched my nuts just to see if they actually felt hot - they didnt but it sure seemed like they were, then a few min after this I felt as if the head of my cock was cold and freezing , again I touched just to check but all felt normal . Then a new feeling hit me - In between my balls and cock head up and down my shaft it felt as though my juices were trying to spurt out , it was a very very nice tickling type feeling deep inside my shaft, you know it actually felt like a coffee perculator , gurgle gurgle but nothing coming out,(cappuchino anyone ? just kidding ).Sadly an out of nowhere sneeze stopped everything. I lied there for a while but it never came back , so I just fell asleep, with the helix still inside, for how long I do not know because I wasnt looking at a clock. I then was awaked by what felt was a kick to my ass , cud have been the wife ? , no actually was the helix I guess saying take me out and go to bed, Well I didnt even jack off after all this even though I really wanted to , Maybe the wife can help me with that tonite ?:)
    Well I babbled enough, time to get back to work , but I was so much more happy with last nites session than previous ones.
    I just had to tell someone and that might as well be you guys.
    Have a Great Day!
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 862
    That sucks, the sneeze broke your momentum. Hope you can get back there again next session.