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Old wounds and surgical scars
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    I've got a thick-wide surgical scar that runs from just above my naval to a couple of inches above my pubic bone. Also three old battle wounds on my legs. Early on, as a nube, I'd figured that the Male Deer Exercise wouldn't work for me. So, I ignored that path to my Dan Tien and stayed with just mental focus. Was I ever missing something. The nerve endings right along the margins of those scars are ripe for the picking -- virgin territory!!

    So, my new path for a prostate-DanTien-Pelvis-Ab-Head-Brain sequence is a left fingertip stroking and 'investigating' both sides of that belly scar. For arousal/warm-up I'm using 81 slow strokes along each side of the scar rather than the 'standard' 81 circles in Male Deer. (counting is only a 'requirement' for the most anal gents in the forum.) :) I don't swap hands and just use the left one -- that leaves the right hand available for left-nip work.

    The lack of uniformity from one square millimeter of skin to the next is amazing! Each 'wiggle' in the scar houses a new delight. A fingernail or knitting needle (also called a 'BDSM quill' at our local toy store) can send electric sensations throughout my pelvis. Even with my eyes closed I'm learning to map every nook and cranny of those scars.

    Powerful on back with Eupho.

    "Bottom Line" --- check out any old scars that you might have been ignoring. :) :D

    However, it's not good enough to adopt the skin mutilation practices of a Polynesian Warrior. :(

    Anyone else got any favorite old scars?
  • rickgrickg
    Posts: 94
    I have an old hernia scar from 1982, but never think about it much unless I trim pubs and it becomes more visible.